Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In Which I Both Exploit And Am Exploited

Hey Internet, where the hell did you go? You people should know by now that my ego has a constant and never-ending need for attention!!

Get with the program!

Anyway, today was an interesting flip in that I was first exploited as a camera model for Alexa to showcase her new knit-stuffness for her fangirl-tastic Etsy store. Like I need a reason to be a ham in front of a camera:

Brenda was also modeling/taking pictures there too and I am one of her favorite camera monkeys because I will do random crap for her take pictures of with no regard for dignity or safety

Jasmine was there too. I would like to add that it was ball-blazingly hot, and yet we maintained our composure and awesome poses, even in the face of really hot wool (gasp!)

And there's Brenda! Alexa told us that the theme of her knitwear was rocket ships and space shuttles. We acted accordingly, as decorum permits.

This one's just cool as hell and shows what a bitching photographer Brenda is. You can see more awesome pictures of me and also not me at her site.

So after that wackiness, I went with Javi, Zeke and Akiva to one of Akiva's friend's houses who works at this haircuttery place but also cuts hair on the side cuz she needs the dinero (don't we all). I had no reason to be there except boredom and I ended up playing with her kids, who were sledding down the stairs in a laundry basket, except unlike me they had the foresight to pad the landing with a barricade of pillows so the laundry basket doesn't flip and you don't fly out and slam full speed into the front door...which I have never done. Ever. And I certainly don't have it on tape.

So as I watched the munchkins faceplant down the stairs, I saw a situation that poor unemployed me could take advantage of. I attempted to ask if the mom was looking for a sitter while trying not to sound like some creeper-type and bam! Job. Hellz yeah bitches. And then she told me that instead of dying my hair back to brown for the Japan interview I might have to do that I should instead wear a wig and make them think I have cancer because "then they'd have to take you!"

I think I am going to like this woman.

This is Sugary Cynic, posing like I mean it and DARING haters to do something about it. 'Night!

Little boy: (brandishes Nerf gun at Akiva) "You think I'm stupid, dirtbag?!"

Akiva: (cowering) "No! Let's make a deal!"

Little boy: "The deal is that I kill you!" (fires Nerf gun)

Akiva: "...I don't want kids anymore"


  1. Kids are badass. They know no fear.


  2. I think you should keep pink hair for your Japanese interview...Why, you didn't ask but I'll tell you anyway...Because I think you just MIGHT be the next top hero in a new Japanese Anime...I'm not sure what your hero squad will be, but I think it will involve "ordinary" looking items like knit etsy goodies being super ancient magic gear that transforms you into things to do good! Your enemy squad will be revved up on souless ebay crap that might look more fancy but is REALLY devil stuff. So, you'll be HUGE soon, I know it! Remember us little folks when you are...Oh, and my real point is that your Pink hair will look AWESOME in the cartoon!

  3. Simon: They're like tiny green berets that way

    Widow: Obviously you have missed your calling as an anime writer. I'd totally watch that :D


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