Monday, November 29, 2010



But first, I am sad to report that comedic actor, parody king and Canadian Leslie Nielson died today from pneumonia complications. Which is a hell of a bummer. Though his heyday was mostly in 80's-ish, he will always be remembered for, among other things, this immortal line from the movie Airplane! (stop giving me that look, the exclamation's part of the title)

This one's my personal favorite from The Fugitive parody, Wrongfully Accused, back when parody movies were actually funny as opposed to a form of torture outlawed by the Geneva convention.


Moving on, Jess won the latest banner quote, proving that she watches Donnie Darko far more closely than a normal person. Pick a paint picture, Jess! And know that it will be far more awesome than they have been because I HAVE A DRAWING TABLET...well specifically I HAVE MY BROTHER'S OLD DRAWING TABLET THAT HE NO LONGER USES. But that's not terribly succinct. Either way, it's super fun and the last thing I need right now because it is distracting the crap out of me when I am supposed to be writing papers and such. So instead of being productive, I practiced Tablet-ing and even if it looks just as crappy, I can do it faster and with much less carpal tunnel so it's win-win.

My first attempt off the bat. (heh, bat). I know, it hurts me to look at it too

Second try, a scene from me and Sean Connery's treasure-hunting adventure. Crazy times.

Number 3 is my favorite, Ash from Evil Dead about to go apeshit on some deadites!

I dunno why Javi's on fire, but rest assured if he ever was actually on fire, he'd probably react in this manner

Attempt number billiondy-twelve: OHMIGOSH I LOVE THIS TABLET SO MUCH GUYS

So bring it, Jess! I'm ready.

Not much else to talk about. Finals are nigh and I am paper-ing my ass off,which sucks. A lot. Higher learning = overrated. I will instead explore the alternative lifestyle of the boxcar hobo.

I imagine it will be exactly like this

This is Sugary Cynic, saying "Don't call me Shirley" 'Night!

Ashley: "You always compliment my butt, why never my character?"

Me: "Well, I don't really feel qualified to compliment character. I don't really know what qualifies as good character. Like, if I saw someone crash a shopping cart into a herd of nuns I'd say that was awesome character"

Richard: "...A herd of nuns?"

Me: "Yeah, nuns travel in herds, like yak or oxen but FOR THE LORD"


  1. I think I'll be posting about the Nielsen later today. Damn shame.

    Nice pictures, as always!

  2. A herd of nuns...for the lord...omg...*moment of silence* *VIOLENT LAUGHTER* That is how I will be finishing all my prayers from now on...

  3. ...And there is nothing more frightening than a Nun stampede...I'm just saying :)

  4. You should consult Mystery Team for the trevails of hobo living.

    What's a Tablet? Why are your friends so awesome? Why is Sean Connery holding the map?

  5. Unwashed: Definitely an underrated comedian. :(

    Widow: Just don't let the nuns hear you, they attack in herds too

    Ron: It's like staring down the matriarchal face of TERROR. But with Jesus.

    Simon: A Tablet is a fancy drawing pad you hook up to your computer, my friends are awesome because they are my friends and Sean Connery is holding the map because I'm busy holding the TNT. I hope that helps.


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