Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween Haikus!

We all hung out and watched a couple classic good ol' fashioned horror movies: the original 1978 Halloween, which was on such a shoe-string budget that because they were filming it in Spring they had to have fake autumn leaves scattered around and had to gather them up a the end of every shoot so they could use them the next day because apparently, leaves be expensive. We also watched Nightmare on Elm Street, a personal favorite of mine because the heroine is actually pretty bad-ass for a terrified teenage girl and faces off against the spectral serial killer Freddie Krueger. Anyway, I'm really damn tired so witness the triumphant return of Movie Review Haikus!

Creepy, stab-ey dude
Girl fights back, but remember-
to double-tap, durr!

Seriously, she gets like, three opportunities to kill his ass that she ruins by assuming that stabbing him once will do it. Three catapults out of five.

Freddie's in her dreams,
She won't take that lying down,
...oh wait, no, she does

Cuz she fights him in her dreams! Get it? ...shut up. It's hard to be funny at 2:30am. Anyway, I've seen this one like, four times. It's a cheesy Halloween favorite of mine up there with Night of the Living Dead. Three and a half catapults out of five.

Happy Halloween!!


  1. What an amazing evil pumpkin man! And love the movie haikus. I don't think I've come across those before. Lols.

  2. That pumpkin is gruesome. Bravo.

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  4. Manda: Thanks! :D

    Simon: (takes a bow)

    Mr Lonely: Thanks?


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