Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cynic's Tribute To The Finger Gun Fight

Ladies and Gentlemen of the internet world, I believe it is fairly obvious at this juncture that I am a geek. A really, really big one. And as a geek, I tend do things like this:

No, nothing cool like a flash mob gunfight, just the finger-gun part. Usually in public. Because I have no shame.

The point is, fnger gun fights are awesome because they combine a human being's capacity for creativity and imagination with it's inherent desire to visit extreme violence on things! So, because I feel you need to be educated, and also because I have done nothing but work on my Blade Runner paper (Go Me), here are some excellent finger gun fights:

The first is from the late 90's British TV series, Spaced aka The Best Thing Ever, brought to you by the team behind Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Be forewarned, it is INTENSELY EPIC. Small children should be herded out of the room, unless they're not yours, in which case, let them watch and encourage them to do this as frequently as possible:

Extra points for sound effects

Next, in a direct homage to Spaced is Cougar Town of all things. This scene is so awesome that even though I'm pretty sure Cougar Town is about an older lady who used to be on Friends boning younger men (going off the title anyway), I kind of want to watch it now. Before you judge, check out the clip:

See? Also, I love the guy yelling "I love Spaced!" At least they're acknowledging it.

And finally, my personal favorite, an early Xbox commercial that for some reason (evil gypsy voodoo) never saw the light of day. Instead we got that one of people jump-roping. Which is stupid. There's no reasoning behind this commercial being banned, except maybe for being TOO awesome.

Maybe they were worried that after that, playing Xbox wouldn't look like much in comparison.

And that's it. This Sugary Cynic, asking you to join her finger-gun flash mob (wow, that sounded way dirtier than I thought it would) 'night!

PS. New banner quote (shock!)

(During Postmodern class after watching Blade Runner)

Dr. Hess: "And what did you guys think of the scene where Deckard pretty much forces himself on Rachael?"

Drew: "I...I can't even talk about it"

Me: "It was extremely uncomfortable"

Alex: "It just came out of nowhere and I was like 'is this bitch gonna get raped?'"

(horrified silence)

Dr. Hess: "...Well, that was the worst choice of words ever"


  1. Finger gun fights don't feature enough in my life! I must do something about that. Who'd have thunk Cougar Town would get in on the fun... Also, I FINALLY know the banner quote... Donnie Darko. Yay!


    I'm organizing one of these. I promise you.

  3. Finger gun fights although they scare me are a wonderful aternative to...well real gun fights. Your perspective on them is briliant...but I gush...because you are brilliant. You thought this all up on a tryptophan buzz from the holiday and still pulled it off well :)

    Be well,

  4. CRAP I had donnie darko...DANG EEEEEEEETTT I'm behind on EVERYTHING! Ok..Great post, but now I have to go pout *sniff sniff*

  5. Jess: Correct! Damn, I didn't think someone would connect that Donnie Darko so quickly.

    Simon: You better, cuz now I'll be sad if you don't.

    Ron: I be brilliant AS HELL. And modest. That too.

    Widow: Aww, don't pout! There's always next time, or the next time...or maybe the time after that


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