Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crazy Cynic's Trailer Bonanza!

I have been up for 38 hours...again. I dunno why I do this to myself. I blame getting out of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at 3am last night. Because it's convenient to blame things that aren't me. So, in an effort to maintain my ebbing sanity, we're just going to take a look at the massive deluge of new trailers recently.

Cars 2

Hey kids! Remember that movie that is pretty much unanimously considered Pixar's weakest entry? Now there's a super-spy sequel! Because why not? Also Michael Caine! Do you care yet? ...Me neither.

Red Riding Hood


The Warrior's Way

Everything that was wrong with that trailer was instantly negated the second Geoffrey Rush uttered the words: "Ninjas...damn" SOLD.

The Nutcracker

Pros: Steampunk elements, Elle Fanning who I love and was amazing in Phoebe in Wonderland

Cons: This looks absolutely retarded in every way. Also why is Nathan Lane Albert Einstein?

Cowboys and Aliens


*Ahem* looks like fun. And speaking of Harrison Ford, I'd like to finish off the evening with an amazing video of Conan O'Brian interviewing Harrison Ford, who is clearly high as BALLS. Just watch him as he strokes the furniture, trails off and just generally acts hilariously medicated. Also there are random acts of blimp. Watch it the whole way through, it is so worth it:

This is Sugary Cynic, and I want some of whatever Harrison Ford's smoking. 'Night!

Javie: "Cowboys and Aliens?"

Me: "Blonde James Bond and Elderly Indiana Jones versus fucking aliens. It's PERFECT"


  1. You know what "Cars" was missing? The plot from "Johnny English". Now Pixar have finally created the perfect film and they can all die happy.

    Seriously, who gives a shit? Between this and the sequel to "Monsters Inc." my faith in Pixar is shaken.

  2. Love the Conan interview although disappointed the Harrisoon was stoned. Animated car spies...WTF...have we stooped that low for mindlesss entertainment?
    Nutcracker 3D...ummm we can see it locally in live theater every we need the "cliff notes" version so we don't have to get off our asses to get out? Come on people!
    Aliens in a western? Shoot me now!
    "Ninjas...damn"...that works fact I used it today at Target to distract someone who wanted to grab the last product on the shelf that I had my eye on too! I got it!

    Be well Sugary!

  3. I disagree. Whatever it is. C&A absolutely does not warrant a lick of seriousface. Honestly.

  4. Unwashed: Seriously, why are they doing this? THEY'RE SMARTER THAN THIS CRAP.

    Ron: Dunno if he was necessarily stoned, might've just been too much Dayquil, I've definitely seen it do that to people lol. Also, excellent use of real life ninja-ry!

    Simon: (shrug) It looks fun, and I trust Jon Favreau


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