Friday, November 26, 2010

The Continuing Fatigue of Thanksgiving

Hello guys, I am Black-Friday'd out. I hit them good deals, yo! (It's an ironic yo, that makes it ok). I also ended up spending last night asleep on the couch because there was a huge carpenter ant crawling on my arm, which fell off somewhere into my bed when I leaped in terror in what I assure you was a very bad-ass manner and not at all like a little girl shrieking after she's wet herself.

Not like that at all.

Anyway, the mutant ant fell into my bed and even though I ripped all my sheets off I couldn't find it. So, knowing that thing was in my bed, I couldn't just turn off the lights and call it a night. Every little tickle or itch I felt was the big friggin ant getting ready to lay babies in my ear-canal (they do that. For reals. Maybe) So I slept on the couch. Now, I realize that I may seem like, well ya know, a pussy, but I can't help it, I've always been terrified of any and all bugs.And it may have something to do with my bed suddenly being infested with ants when I was in 10th grade.


So I'm pretty tired and stuff. Here's a video of a dancing butt:



  1. Be glad you've never had to experience the horror of bedbugs... Those things are gonna be hanging out with the roaches and the Twinkies after the world ends, they're so hard to get rid of.

  2. Feel very glad it wasn't a sudden cold snap that brought all the fleas within 500 yards of your bedroom straight under the covers, leaving you with impressive welts that lasted weeks at a time, and had to be killed with illegal pesticides and fire.

  3. Errrm...nice dance...I think.

    Hope you find that nasty ant so you don't get stuck on the couch too long. Maybe get an ant eater or something.

  4. being bitten by mosquitoes in Guyana was a lot worse. I still have the marks!

  5. It's like when you got stink bugs flying around your room, and right when you're about to fall asleep, they start buzzing int your ear and you have to sleep in the bathroom. Fuck bugs.

  6. James: DO. NOT. WANT.

    Anon: I give you my sympathy and refer you to my earlier not-wanting.

    Ron: Pfft, best dance ever, you mean.

    Ameer: Yowch! I have some weird mosquito-bite scars too, they suck.

    Simon: O.O holy crap. Fuck bugs.


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