Monday, November 8, 2010

21 Years Ago, Awesomness Occurred

In the form of my birth.

You have no way of proving he didn't send this to me

So yeah, it's officially Monday and that means it's mah b-day, which is awesome because I can finally stop dealing with that whole pesky drinking-law dealie. Also I can tell you when I post things drunk without feeling weird about it (I know everyone has been able to figure it out on their own for some time now but that's besides the point).

Moving on! So I pretty much am lucky as hell because I have the best friends and family any pink-haired weirdo could ever ask for.


My parents came up and took me and my brother out to lunch at Panera, which was great cuz it was still all cold and miserable out and Panera soups = WIN. They also gave me my gifts: music gift card, coffee gift card, a fluffy hoodie and a t-shirt bearing the immortal phrase:

Some parents are completely out of touch with what their children like. Not so with mine. It was really awesome seeing them and it made me happy inside. And about an hour ago my roommates and Javi and Zeke birthday-ambushed me. Shania got me a shot glass with a moose on it!

Meanwhile one Ashley gave me a birthday boob-snuggle

And the other Ashley gave me a picture of Jacob from Twilight crouching over Bella...with a cut-out picture of my face over hers. Note my look of horror

Then we went out on the balcony and I had a waffle with candles stuck in it

My friends are awesome friends.

And now I must return to my paper-writing (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, BITCHES!) Nah, the party will obviously be tomorrow, and god alone knows what mental state I'll be in come post time so that should be fun! Also, before I forget, Simon continues her winning streak by correctly guessing the banner quote from Blade Runner! Go you. This is Sugary Cynic saying "It's all downhill from here, isn't it?" 'Night!

(I am not responsible for the following exchange ruining everything you ever loved)

Ashley C: "I only make the meep noise when surprised! Everyone else keeps asking if it other times"

Me: "Heh, 'meep, meep! MEEP! MEEPMEEPMEEPMEEP!!' ...That's probably what Beaker from the Muppets sounds like when he has sex"

Ashley I: "Beaker does not have sex!!"

Me: "What? Muppets can't have, ya know, parts?"

Ashley C: "Yeah I mean, look at Kermit and Miss Piggy"

Shaina: "They could've been like, in a celibate relationship"

Me: "No, Miss Piggy had lovin' needs, and she would not be denied!"

Ashley I: "Please put this in the blog"

(some time later)

Ashley C: (on the computer) "Oh God, there's Muppet fanfiction!!"

I warned you.


  1. Happy birthday!!!! Haha. The muppet conversation made me laugh. :)

  2. See, since it's your birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY), and I tend to fancy myself awesomesauce, my picture shall hereforeto be Sean Connery giving you, dear Sugary, a punch in the face with his left hand. Because it's an honor usually reserved for Russian terrorists.

    Or, y'know, whatever the fuck you want to draw. And I agree, Miss Piggy deserves love like the rest of us.

  3. Ron: Thanks!

    Robert: Thanks! Also glad you found it funny instead of traumatizing lol

    Simon: I reserve the right to change the picture as I see fit under birthday law.

  4. God I love birthdays. Glad yours was so awesome!


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