Sunday, October 17, 2010

You're A Wizard, Cynic

Well, not quite that intense. But close. Very close. Universal was awesome per usual, we went to Islands of Adventure and the other rides were fine as always...til they all started to break down that is (shoddy repairs, the fun never ends!)

Hogwarts is SO EPIC LOOKING.

And the whole Hogsmeade set-up looked amazing. They had clearly put an insane amount of time and effort into making the little details of the Harry Potter world come to life. Also it was crowded as hell, which was mad annoying. There were lines to get into the friggin GIFT SHOP. Dayumn.

They stole two rides that were already in the park, slapped new names on them, changed nothing else and made them "Harry Potter rides" which was crap, but the actual new ride, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (which sounds nothing like a porn knock-off), zooms your ass through Hogwarts and beyond using awesome motion-sickness inducing technology! Seriously, everyone who rode it felt sick afterwards, it's very disorienting. But awesome. So we rode it twice because we are masochists.

Also, I drank butterbeer, which was DIABETICALLY DELICIOUS. And I got a mug. One that is arguably the best mug ever:

Hell yeah, Marauder's Map Mug! It is classy and epic and I will use it to drink egregious amounts of caffeine.

Thing I noticed: They got the actors that do Harry, Ron, Hermoine, Hagrid, Dumbledore and various other periphery characters to make an appearance on the ride, but where was Snape?

Now if you excuse me, I have bed to collapse into. 'Night.

(Johnny bought a Sorting Hat)

Me: "When the hell are you ever going to wear that thing?"

Johnny: "Uh, only ALL THE TIME!!!"


  1. I love Universal Studios!!!!! I haven't been though since the Harry Potter part opened so I NEED to go. Now.

  2. ZOMG.....i was just in Universal this weekend!!! But I went to Halloween Horror Nights!!!!!!!!

  3. Robert: You do. Right now.

    Jon: DUDE!!! You should've gone to motherfuckin' Islands and then I might've seen you!!

    Simon: There ARE benefits to living in Florida, so there!! :p

  4. I freaking LOVE that mug...I will beat your children for it! Dang it Cynic...Why do you have all the cool toys?! I wanna go *throws tantrum*!!

    No Snape though? WTF He IS the Harry potter movies and books...Pssssssssssh *waves off everyone else*

  5. The best get the cool toys and I am best :D

    Also you could buy it too :p

    And yeah, the lack of Snape-age was a bummer


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