Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Writing A Presentation

For the Immigration class that I hate while watching Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. It's such a ridiculous and hilarious show. Three "bros" travel to haunted hot spots, act like douches, try to provoke and antagonize various pseudo-ghost types things and then freak the fuck out if there is the slightest shift in the wind.


You do not understand how much I love this show.

So yeah. Busy with schoolwork. In the meantime please enjoy this music video from Kid Cudi's song Erase Me:

I love how Kanye just sort of appears and takes over the video like, "Cudi, you were doing a good job and all, but I got this. It's ok. It's my song now"

Also, someone had this video on their Facebook and it cracked me up. It's a bunch of guys riffing on some dude's Youtube play-through of Mario 64. I posit a question to any Brit readers on here, how many English people actually sound like this guy?

Seriously, is this common?

Ok, back to work. Oh wait, VOTE DAMMIT. And don't be all like "Sugary Cynic, I already voted so shut up" because 1. that shit be rude and 2. you can vote once a day. Prove your love and you shall be rewarded with...things. and stuff. Gimmee a minute and I'll think of something good. In the meantime, work. UGH. 'Night!

My brother: "I have this fantasy where Kanye West and Kid Cudi are like, traveling together and their limo breaks down outside of school and they're like 'Hey man, we got all these bags of money and illegal narcotics and have no one to share it with. Let's give it to our biggest fan in the world who's name starts with the the letter J.' And cut to a montage of me, Kanye and Kid Cudi hanging out and watching movies, and running through fields and just being friends. It'd be awesome"

Me: "..."


  1. It is an English accent, but an extremely retarded one; my guess is someone from the West country aged about 14 and not very bright... Hope that answers your question :D

  2. dang dawg, i already voted... today =P i need to wait a few more hours

  3. Hasn't Kayne West learned yet??

  4. I voted again, now leave me alone.

    Holy shit, where are the zombie wars? That's the only thing I care about ever, my dear.

  5. Simon: Well that's a relief

    Teppy: Thank you :D

    Marilyn: Pfft. Never. In some ways, it's better that he doesn't.

    Simon: I will make sure to pander to that in the next post then. But only cuz we're Internet bffs.


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