Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Welcome To My Life

It is this, this is my life:

Well, mostly. I have no illusions about the uselessness of a degree in English and absolutely no desire to be a college professor. But still, my life right there.

So Simon's paint request requires a bit of background info. She asked for "Dr. Frank N Furter, Mr. Pink, and Willie Garson fighting Big Man Japan" So yeah...

This is Dr. Frank N Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show (remember when Tim Curry was skinny?!)

This is Mr. Pink from the Tarantino classic, Reservoir Dogs

Big Man Japan from the LSD-fueled film on the same name about a dude who turns into a giant superhero in purple undies

And Willie Garson, who I know as the little bald dude from the show White Collar

per the usual, your wish is my command:

May it sear the soft tissue of your brain forevermore

And that's all you get today. Midterms! YEAH!


  1. Hey there - Did you write the dialog for the video? If, was brilliant...if no, it was oaky :)

    Hang in there kiddo, you are on the home stretch school-wise and good things lie ahead...I know easier said than done, but I have confidence that the right people will recognize your passion and talent and you will do well.

    Be well,

  2. I love that video. Did you do it?

    YAY! That picture's one for the mantle, tis.

  3. Ron: I wish I made that video, so not that skillful lol.

    Simon: Glad it was everything you hoped :p

  4. Your life is so comprehensive; I also love the video. Thanks a lot for such a clearly-written and detailed article. Keep it up! I will read more about this online!


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