Saturday, October 2, 2010


So I've been dying my hair for the better part of my teenaged and adult life, but I've always just dyed my regular hair, which is about a medium brown, partially because my mother would burst into flame from pure disapproval and also because I'm too lazy to bleach. The color comes through ok but it fades super-fast, especially if it is within the red-pink-purple spectrum which unfortunately are my favorite colors to dye. Cuz I'm all girly and shit.

"But wait, Sugary Cynic," you might rudely interrupt, you ill-mannered rogue, "you've been drawing yourself with brown hair and last vestiges of pink-spotted dye, and that shit is PAAANK" Well my uncultured friend, that's because I realized that after I graduate, if everything goes according to plan, I'll be teaching in another country, like a real grown-up job and stuff. For which pink hair would be a bit weird. So I went all out for the last hurrah and bleached my hair with this result:


So that was the highlight of my day. That and watching X-files until my eyes bleed from sheer Wanting To Believe. Also Mulder has great hair. And this:

Did I bring up X-files just so I could show you this picture? Possibly

Finally, here is a video my thesis adviser showed me as her favorite example of a cause and effect arguments, and works as proof that my school is the best (read: dorkiest) school ever:

This is Sugary Cynic, who is now debating between going as Tonks or Ramona Flowers for Halloween. 'Night!

Scully: "You have seen this before, I can tell. You lied to them"

Mulder: "I would never lie. I willfully participated in a campaign of misinformation"


  1. Yes...PAAANK! Before I settled into the adult was the glorious 1980s...I had dyed my hair blond, brunette, auburn, dark a red I could get without it being black it looked like synthetic hair, so I dyed my eyebrows to match it. I had my hair long, short, curly, straight, I wore safety pins for earrings...would dress up like a lady, and within the same week come in Army fatigues...I wore holes in my clothes (before it was like 'the thang') Loved every kind of music except Country (the dog didn't leave and I didn't care about no alimony or divorce songs) But Falco was the SHIT singing 'Rock Me Amadeus' and Frank Goes to Hollywood was telling us to "Relax...Don't Do it.' But I lived in the Purple city of Prince...and 1984 was not only the year I graduated...Hell Orwell was telling us all along we would one day have to conform. So avoid the thought police for as long as you can. "Hold on to 16 for as long as you can..." John Cougar...tried to tell us...they all do. It takes a brave fucker to be a fucker in this politically correct money driven world.

    My story is just a strong note of support...the memes out there right now only know how to copy...we need to live the line in Rent. "The opposite of WAR is not's creation!" So I have the happy knowledge that I was as original as I could be and endured the stares of being a nonconformist and having secret friends who used to come up to me and tell me..."God, I wish I could be like you." A couple years later, my old high school was full of 'individuals'...I just thought I was being myself. I figured if I couldn't be me...and appreciate who I was...well then one else would.

    Keep it going cynic girl...just keep it hair or have to see what everyone else ignores.

  2. I like the colour of your hair, but aren't you going to dye your eyebrows as well?

  3. Pretty in Pank? Well, my hair is a manageable shade of natural white...not gray...WHITE! I can go anywhere from there...except lighter.

    I like your new color, and as a last hurrah...good choice!

    Love the Rube Goldberg video too :)

    Be well,

  4. First I have to say that I love Marylin...I did the "goth" thing long before it was something to 'do' and it got me in a lot of trouble with my school, who thought anyone who wore all black all the time was sick in the head. I am, but that is beside the point. And I STILL listen to all of Falco's work, only instead of a wonky tape (which gotten eaten more than not) it is on my Ipod.

    Cynic...I have to say, perhaps if you pick some remote island in the caribbean they would welcome your pank pinked hair, and worship you for the goddess of awesome that you are! *muahz* Lov'n your hair...I'm glad your cartoon won't have roots for a while ;-) LOL

  5. What school do you go to? I want to go. It sounds badass.


    I died my hair black once. But my hair is curly and coarse and I kind of never wash it, so it looked like the things from My Neighbor Totoro were going postal. Anyways.

    Tonks. Do it.

  6. To make up for my grouchy comment on a previous post, here's some toadying:

    Your hair is super nice. You are well good. Keep it up.


  7. Damn! Ok, let's get to it!

    Marilyn: I <3 you and your story of rebellion :D

    Gorilla: Thanks! And also no way! You should never die your eyebrows, it screws them up big time

    Ron: I could see you with some pink streaks :p

    Widow: You ladies and your youthful rebellions :D

    Brenda: I'm tempted, Javi said he'd do Scott Pilgrim if I did Ramona

    Simon: Ha, soot spirits. I dunno if you'd wanna go to my school, it's in your favorite state FLORIDA!! (gasp!)

    Carolyn: Tonks would be the easier one to do

    Unwashed: Ok nicer you is exponentially creepier than grouchy you


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