Monday, October 18, 2010

Mixing Business With Pleasure

Notable Things:

I have survived Day One of the zombie outbreak. My own brother got infected and then tried to infect me, the little butt-monkey. I smacked him with my sock and got away safely. Only two more weeks to go >_<

Remember this contest thingy? I won it. :D First place, bizzatches. Except now they want me to go down to the main campus and read it to people or something (shudder). Oh well.

I have entered a contest to be a TV host for this show-thingy called Paradise Hunter, which would chronicle the globe-trotting adventures of its host. You make a minute long video and then people vote on it. You can vote once a day, every day til the end of the contest. You know where this is going...

Vote for me and my bad self here!

Next item of business, Unwashed Mass continues his domination of the banner quote game, this time the quote was from ol' Jack Burton from the John Carpenter WTF classic, Big Trouble In Little China. For his paint picture, Unwashed wanted Helen Mirren writing rude words on Steven Spielberg's car. Fuck you for making me have to draw a car:

Yes, she is in a swimsuit

How else would you know it was Helen Mirren?

Next, my brother the musical swashbuckler, who has already released one intermanet album, is working on another, mixing songs from this awesome indie-electro-pop band Passion Pit with things that are not Passion Pit. Here's the first song off of it:

There, dude. That's rather a lot for someone who tried to zombify me. You butt.

Next, someone please tell me what this is, every time my brain starts to conceive an idea of what this trailer might be, it convulses and vomits rainbows:

What. The. Fuck.

I need to see it. It's not even a matter of want. I don't have a choice in the matter.

On a mildly related note, that song is awesome (It's Souljacker Pt. 1 by the Eels)

And what does that leave us with? Oh yeah, this:

I want to call it, but I keep chickening out. Who out there can dare to be ballsier than me? If you can, call and let me know what happens. Just try to avoid a Marty McFly situation.

And I think that's it. This is Sugary Cynic, more transfixed by Nicholas Cage's horrifying new hairpiece than the explosions and fast cars. 'Night!

(At dinner there was horrible joke about "carpets" in relation to, ya know, lady business, which lead to a truly disturbed round of A Whole New World and talking of taking someone on a magic carpet ride and not daring to close their eyes)

Brenda: "Please tell me this is going in the blog!"

Me: "Not sure where I could fit something like this in..."


  1. I feel like I took a walk through your brain...random and oddly connected except for that last bit...unable to respond. Is the pink fading out...did I just change the subject?

    By the way the 555 in China just can't understand a word...wait I felt like I have responded to this before. IT WORKED!

  2. Thanks for my picture! Everything I hoped, as usual.

    Eels are my second-favourite band in the whole wide world, so thanks for that too.

    Congrats on the story win.

  3. There is always space for obscene dinner singing.

  4. I voted. Because I'm awesome like that.

    Ah, pick something from a movie I've seen, dammit! I have, like, the perfect picture for Paint-glory.

  5. Marilyn: wait...are you from the future?

    Unwashed: Yeah, the Eels are awesome

    Brenda: I got in, didn't I?

    Simon: Then I will thumb through your archives until I find a movie I know for sure you've seen and do a quote from it. Because I care. But mostly because you voted.

  6. I am from the future and while you do get the job we are voting for it leads to you being the star in a lot of "adult films" that you aren't aware are being taped...a future you has turned their hair purple and sends these messages: ONE: Beware the red dot on the bookcase and TWO: Your brother will try to infect you in zombie wars...if anything like this happens, then your fate is sealed.


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