Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Losers and Air Cynic

Tired of me bitching about my thesis? Welcome to the next six months

Wheee. Also, Unwashed's reign of banner quote victory was finally toppled by Simon, who correctly guessed the origin of Moulin Rouge. Now tell me what you want and ye shall receive in glorious crappy paint form.

So this week is Homecoming week at school. This means, unfortunately, a horrific amount of school spirit, being constantly harassed via Facebook to vote for Homecoming King/Queen/Venomous Reptile and I so don't give a flying fuck. I can barely muster up the enthusiasm for things going on in my own life. Good luck trying to make me care about our school by barraging me with messages to wear our school's colors (ha) and vote for a meaningless contest that enables you to wear a shiny tiara and feel like a princess. I'll be over here, WORKING ON THESIS.

Not that I like, care or anything. For serious.

BUT! The upside of Homecoming week is the Homecoming carnival! The school always does a great job putting on a fun carnival on campus. They get rides and food and different clubs set up booths with games and stuff. They had prize-game thing run by some questionable-looking carnies and Akiva won me a stuffed turtle who I named Groucho because of his eyebrows.

Pretty much

I also got a fake-tattoo thingy from the body art lady. It was a dragon!!

Roar, bitches!

Ok, now I just wish it was a real tattoo. I am due for another...

Also they had a bounce-house obstacle course that I failed at SO HARD. I fell down the slide bit and flew off the course head-first, landing in the grass. Go me. Also, they had a bouncy bungee thingy and it was AWESOME. I had fun bouncing. There is pictorial evidence of this:


Note the even mix of exhilaration and terror

Awesome mid-air photos courtesy of Brenda, the purple-haired photomaniac over at One Thousand Words Home.

Tonight, while working on thesis, we watched The Losers, because I've wanted to see it for ages and also because I have an unabashed crush on Chris Evans.

This poster is giving me a crick in my neck

Unfortunately, The Losers was not as awesome as I'd hoped it to be. I mean, it wasn't bad, it was fun, there was some nice action bits, but I found it pretty easy to focus on my thesis, which can't be a good sign. The plot is loosely strung together, the characters are paper-thin and the ending is massive built-for-sequel cop-out. Meh. What makes it at least entertaining is mostly the banter between Chris Evans's character Jensen and Columbus Short's character Pooch, they were pretty funny and made the most of their thinly-fleshed out characters. Everyone else was kinda boring. It's a typical revenge story against a ridiculously over-the-top baddie who has to go to extreme lengths like murdering children and tossing dudes off roofs just to so we know HE'S THE BAD GUY. Ugh. Still, for me, this movie was worth watching, if just for this one scene that youtube won't let me fucking embed (HATRED) but it is by far the funniest an best bit of the film and so hugely worth watching so here is the link. So great.

And now I must return to my sadly Chris Evans-free world. Bummer. Oh well, at least I bounced hella high, I can say that much. Also, just in case you forgot, vote. Please. This is Sugary Cynic, touching the sky whilst trying to not puke the snowcone and hotdog she had beforehand. 'Night!

(As I was sitting on a bench eating my snowcone, which was not in a cone but a cup)

The Dean: (mock serious) "Are you doing Jell-o shots again?"

Me: (nods) "I just can't stop!"

The Dean: (shakes his head) "I've had to talk to you about this before!"

He is the awesomest Dean. You are jealous.


  1. I am jealous.

    Dr. FranknFurter, Mr. Pink, and Willie Garson do battle with with Big Man Japan. Go ahead. Make my day.

  2. Sweet Jesus. You have been saving this one, haven't you?

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