Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Have A Lovely Piece of Paper

It says that I won things and has my name spelled correctly and everything (you'd be surprised how rare that is). I went down to the main center campus thingy today and read my story despite my utter terror. Which I admit is weird because it's obvious if you read even just a couple posts that I'm a camera whore and have no qualms about making an ass of myself on the internet. But if I just post a video online then that's it, it's viewed by the unseen multitude, emphasis on unseen. Reading to a whole room of people. Reading my work (shuddercringe) to a whole room of people...that's another story, one that involves anxiety and dry heaves.

But my brother, Javi, Ashley and Andy where there to swat me upside the head and push me onstage, so I did it and used my Big Girl voice and it was all good.

We also finished up Day 3 of the Zombie Invasion. So far I have avoided zombie confrontation by being stealthy (read: fleeing in abject terror everytime I see someone who might maybe perhaps be a zombie. While also shrieking, just in case). But that doesn't mean I'm not prepared. I never leave my room without my trust thigh-high striped sock:

You think Delila's bad, Alexa named hers Vera Wang

I'll keep you updated on whether or not I become one of the flesh-eating undead.

Not much else to say, my life has been tragically bereft of movies lately, and much to my deep and unending sorrow, I still haven't seen Red. I've just had schoolwork up the ass, ya know. Stupid college, learning things and doing work. Dumb.

One last thing: I don't know what this is. It frightens me on a weird, almost primal level. And I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT:

"We won't fight unless we're provoked"

I am scared, but oh so intrigued. Back to thesis work for now, as well as the occasional thudding of my head meeting my desk. Hello Mr. Desk, please make the thesis go away now *THUD*. Oh Mr. Desk, he's a thoughtful one.

This is Sugary...waittaminute what's my name? (HEAD TRAUMA, YEAH!!) Er...Sugary Cinnamon saying "If I had a refrigerator, rest assured I would have taped my certificate to it...and also ow" 'Night!

(After my reading)

My brother: "Aren't you glad you did that?"

Me: "Yeah, I am. Thanks a lot"

My brother: "Aren't you glad you didn't wimp out like a bitch?"

Me: "Yes, I'm glad I didn't wimp out like a bitch"

My brother: "And aren't you glad you're not a sad, ball-less eunuch who's only purpose in life is to fan me with palm leaves?"

Me: "...."

My brother: "But you're not. You're with me getting fanned and we're gonna fistbump!"



  1. I LOVE the Shell video! A friend of mine showed it to me and I just could NOT stop watching it. awww

  2. Wow, that video is both disturbing and adorable. Thanks for that... I think.


  4. I love Shell. The poor little guy.

    And I voted THREE DAYS IN A ROW, young miss. I better get some swag or something.

  5. Robert: It seriously seems to have some kind of magical power that makes you watch it over and over again.

    Cassie: It's the general consensus, lol

    Widow: If I had a sticker, I would give it to you. And it would be a sparkly sticker. Just for you.

    Simon: I will give you Marcel the shell...I just need to find him first


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