Monday, October 11, 2010



Yeah it's another cop-out post. When you're writing a 50 page paper on top of regular classes, applying for post-collegiate activities and trying to find a job (oy) and maintaining daily posts full of witty insight and hilarious adventures, then you can call me a pussy. 'Til then I invite you to do the following:

A. Suck it (Although I'm honestly not entirely sure what "it" would be in this case)

B. Write my thesis for me (Who loves research? You love research!)

C. Give me a job (Preferably that pays in real money)

D. Watch this video from College Humor because it is hilarious and disturbing in equal measure:

For someone reason the bit with SLUG WARS = FRIENDSHIP makes me crack up the most (shrug).

Also, here is a picture. I don't why it is funny, it just is.

Sometimes it's best to just not question these things

Back to work.

Sort of


  1. you forgot to add sleep in there...oh wait, yeah, I forgot. That doesn't happen so much :P

  2. What's the subject on? Because if it's about anything Shakespeare related, I'm on Titus-high.

  3. Simon M.: Bagatelle, eh? Then you can write it for me Captain Fancy-pants :p

    Val: How could you forget? You're still the reigning champ for "most hours spent in a sleepless haze of confusion"

    Simon: Sorry, no Shakes. It's about the graphic novel Watchmen and it's thematic connections with the Romanticist poet William Blake


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