Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Night Fever: Questionable Professors and A Whole Lot of Struttin'

So...I do believe I have officially run out of witty quips to start the blog off and say hello. In which case, I default to the Seinfeld opening theme:

When in doubt, Seinfeld.

So for Unwashed's crappy Paint picture for guessing the correct banner quote, he requested everyone's favorite dance-inclined Inception star struttin' away from an explosion to the tune of Stayin' Alive. God knows what he does in his free time. But here at Sugary Cynicism, where we totally judge you, we also give you what you want, and here is Leo, even dressed for 70's Strutting:

Picture best viewed when listening to music below:

And yes, that is a picture of Strutting Leo in my picture of Strutting Leo. Why? Mostly I was curious if it would make the internet implode. Barring that, it serves as a segue into my last hurrah of Strutting Leo (because Leo can only strut into Mordor so many times before it gets old). I finish out my use of the Strutting Leo by filling a void in the meme that I couldn't help but notice:

Ah, that's much better.

Next order of business: All of my professors have gone crazy in the best way ever. And by "all" I mean two, and by crazy I mean...well, crazy, actually. That bit was true. Awesomely true. So I was in my postmodern class, we're reading (surprise!) another Thomas Pynchon book because the professor has an unabashed man-crush on him. Anyway, so there's this bit of the book that takes place in an area called The Zone, where all kinds of crazy shit takes place, like boat orgies. For reals. So he asks us, "what is The Zone? How would you define it?" We say it is a place beyond all normal human boundaries and he gets all excited and says "Like Transformers!!"

His explanation: "No, seriously! The tagline for the animated 80's Transformers was "Beyond good, beyond evil...Beyond your wildest imagination" .......That's all we got.


But I haven't even reached the best part. The best part came after I pointed out that our mutual object of fan-worship, Orson Welles is in the movie as Unicron and he started going on about the song and how it was the epitome of awesome 80's cheesiness. At my seat I quietly let out a "You got the touch" because at this point it's pretty much a compulsive reaction that I have no control over. And he did this:

Best. Teacher. Ever.

And then this morning, I dashed to class, oversized coffee in hand, running on four hours of sleep because I wrote this stupid presentation for my thesis class at the last minute. I was kind of doomed. Then the professor stumbled in, plopping in a chair with a loopy grin on her face. "I can't hear very well" she said, clapping her hands over her ears, "It sounds like this! I'm really congested and so I took A LOT of Nyquil, so I'm feelin' a bit" (at this point she does that octopus thing where you flail your arms around) "So yeah."

And then at the end of my presentation she asked me about motivation in arguments but got sidetracked and started laughing because, and I quote "motivator...motivation! It makes me think of Richard Simmons. Now all I can think about is Richard Simmons" and she giggled. Yup.

That pretty much sums up my day. See you tomorrow for more possible Transformers-related hijinks (not really) and also maybe some Strutting Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

Wow, Leo. Way to be a meme-hog


Mom: "What's that picture?"

Me: "Oh, it's this thing from the internet. Cuz there was this picture taken of Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of Inception where he's all smiling and dancing and it kind of became a thing where you put him different pictures with stuff. So I put him in some Sean Connery pictures, because that's kind of my thing"

Mom: "...Ok. Have fun...doing that"

Moral: the internet becomes vastly more retarded when you explain it aloud


  1. Thank-you for the picture. It is everything i'd hoped.

  2. I think your second teacher might've been a touch high. Just a suggestion.

    The Leo strut, like Elvis and Mr. Nobody, will never die.

  3. Where the heck did everybody go?

    Unwashed: I would hope so

    Simon: Had I not known her for three years I'd think so too. Also I've had my share of Nyquil moments, it'll mess you up XD


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