Friday, October 22, 2010

A Bit of Perspective

In the end, it doesn't matter all that much. Oh don't get me wrong, it's important and all. But the world won't end, I promise. It's going to be ok eventually, even if it's not now. And even then, it' still probably more ok than you think. For instance:

You are alive

You are not currently on fire (as far as I know)

You own a computer (again, only a guess but a pretty good one since you're reading this. I guess you could also own a Smart Phone in this case, but that's still pretty cool because I don't own a Smart Phone)

Things are only as bad or good or important or trivial as you make them out to be. I might not make my after-college let's-go-to-Japan-and-teach-English magical scholarship but it's not the end of the world. Life goes on and shit, usually not the way we planned it either. You can plan out your whole life but that's no guarantee that it'll work out that way. Play it loosey goosey and see what happens, even though loosey goosey is an admittedly retarded turn of phrase I think you get what I'm saying here.

Maybe high school sucks, maybe your job sucks, maybe college sucks but you can change it, even if it's something as tiny as just changing your perspective but if that doesn't work (and I know it doesn't always, perspective's fucking hard to change sometimes, especially if something REALLY sucks) but you still have two things you can ALWAYS fall back on:

You're still not on fire (ok this one only works for the times you're not on fire)

Things will change

And they will. School will end, jobs begin and end and change and sometimes it's for better and sometimes it's for worse but the point is that it's always changing so if something sucks don't let it get you down because it won't be that way forever. Much shorter than forever.

Ok, you put up with my rambling. In the meantime, listen to this and feel happy because it's the best soundtrack EVER:

And if that doesn't float your boat (even though it should, dammit), here's this:

Best. Entrance. EVER.

David Letterman is a weenie.

I got nothin' else for ya. Movie review tomorrow. Horrid movie to review, actually. At least I didn't ask you to vote. 'Night!


  1. That was deep....and also slightly random *feels forehead* You feeling ok? Don't you get sick yet, dangit!!
    Also, 0.0 .......................
    That's it. There is nothing left after an entrance like that. I don't really know why David Letterman continued having guests after that for as long as he did! Was it just that The Connery and his jetpack were so awesome that all involved could ride that wave of awesomeness for years to come??? And no, I never actually ever watched Letterman (or slept recently!), so I have no idea if I just said something profound or horribly erroneous. Or both.

    LESS THAN A WEEK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi - Very well written and thought out. You are truly wise beyond your years :). Thanks for the perspective.

    Mr. Connery...who would expect a lesser entrance??? All that was missing is Sean triggering Letterman's ejector seat.

    Be well,

  3. I have to agree with, Ron, you are wise beyond your years. It took me a long time to figure out that simple idea. The idea is simple, but powerful.

    PS. I VOTED AGAIN...because you are AWESOME and I don't want to see you have to live in your sad box life *whimpers*

    I didn't notice...was Letterman even IN that video, I know people say he was but I didn't notice. lol

  4. You could be milking your friend's wifi. Or on the library computer. Or you could be in the deepest cave in the farthest regions of the Orient, getting handwritten transmissions from your Belgian-imported messenger boy. There's always a way.

    JET! PACK!

    I voted again, yo. And you didn't even have to ask.

  5. Val: Oh sleepless Val, I do love you so

    Ron: IF ONLY. Thanks for the compliments tho :D

    Widow: Thank you for attempting to free me from my box life :)

    Simon: "Or you could be in the deepest cave in the farthest regions of the Orient, getting handwritten transmissions from your Belgian-imported messenger boy"

    that's how I'm getting my internet from now on


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