Thursday, September 16, 2010


Mmmmuuuurrrr...late night paper-ing sucks. Even if it is on Orson Welles, which is kinda awesome. That brings the "papers I have written about movies and passed off as real work" count to four :D

But still, it sucks.

Therefore I don't have time to give you a review of the delightfully 90's Victorian flick Plunkett and Macleane, starring the once-sexyfine Johnny Lee Miller. You'll get that tomorrow. In the meantime this stuff:

Isn't this just the raddest shit ever? I found it randomly on deviantart, don't even remember what I was looking for at first. The guy who made it has a ton on his profile, all done like 70's exploitation-style movies, or as he puts it "Abesploitation" Also his sidekick is...Orson Welles!!

Why yes, you are in the Matrix

So at lunch today my friend Rachel claimed she needed inspiring for her to get through the rest of her day. I said I could sing her something but the most inspiring song I knew was from the original 80's Transformers movie. After which she replied with-


I heart my geeky-ass school.

Speaking of school and geekiness, in my Immigration class, the two professors who teach it (and who bicker like they've been married 20 years) had, pretty much out of nowhere right in the middle of class, the greatest verbal exchange EVER:

Stegienga: So we're gonna move the class to a different room

Strain: Yeah, cuz we're violating the fire code by like, two or three people

Stegienga: You know I used to be the campus fire marshal?

Strain: Did you get a special hat?

Stegienga: No.

Strain: A sash?

Stegienga: No...but I did get to play with a fire extinguisher

Strain: Cool. Who's the fire marshal now?

Stegienga: David Flanigan

(awkward silence because David Flanigan is kinda jerkish and also harder to find than Where's Waldo)

Strain: Well...well, what if I wanted to the fire marshal?

Stegienga: You'd have to do training.

Strain: Training?!

Stegienga: That's how I played with the fire extinguisher

Strain: So if there was a fire, would I have come to you for help?

Stegienga: No! I would've been the first one out of there! The fire marshal has zero responsibility except for finding rooms in violation of the fire code

Strain: Which we are now?

Stegienga: Yep

Strain: We're breaking the law

Stegienga: Yep

Strain: We could be arrested!

Stegienga: (motions to us) Don't give them any ideas!

It's pretty much the only reason I keep going to that class. That and to ogle Dr. Strain and his classy outfits. That too.

Finally, they released the trailer for that new flick with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie called The Tourist, which I thought seemed like another bland-ass "let's be Jason Bourne but not really" thriller. Then I saw the trailer:

I'm honestly surprised by how good this looks. It seems cute, funny, exciting, and both actors have aged nicely. Wasn't going to pay much attention to this but now I'm interested. We'll see.

And last, but certainly not least, here is the greatest song ever forever. This song will lift up your SOUL. Yes, it's called "Fuck You" but that's not the point!


This is Sugary Cynic emancipatin' and proclamatin'! 'Night!



  2. That's interesting. Johnny Depp thinks he's Cary Grant in an Alfred Hitchcock movie now. Makes me think of North by Northwest (only with felons instead of spies.)

  3. Hey You! Brilliant post as ever!
    I LOVE, Love, Love the "FU" video! The context is exactly why I have NEVER gone to a class reunion...but updated my status just to piss them off and keep 'em wondering.

    Johnny Depp could read prescription labels on camera for 90 minutes and I would pay to watch. He is a great actor...just saying.

    Be well,

  4. Oh my good god, I like that song so much! It was my anthem for five minutes! YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

    Anyway. Johnny Depp's face has gotten puffy. I worry. Because I'm shallow.

    Fire marshalls suck.

  5. Teppong: cue guitar solo, bitches!!

    Noli: Having never seen North by Northwest (I know!) I wouldn't know any better

    Ron: Only if he read it in his Jack Sparrow voice "for motion sickness, savvy?" "If erection persists for more than 24 hours grab all the wenches you can!"



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