Thursday, September 2, 2010

This Shouldn't Make Me Laugh As Much As It Does

Maybe I should go to bed...

Balancing out with the most fucked up-ly awesome bit of the Batman Beyond movie, Return of The Joker, this the uncut flashback to when Bruce killed the Joker in the original animated timeline and it is delightfully messed up:

Isn't that just sick? Batman Beyond as a series was really great and as far as animated films go, Return of the Joker is amazing (the uncut version, obviously) If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it, the video really didn't ruin any major plot points and you don't have to be terribly familiar with the Batman Beyond universe to enjoy it.

Ok, going to bed. Maybe.


  1. I'm scarred for life and all, but fuck yeah.

  2. What the flim-flam-fuck was that??!

    Oh, I already feel like watching it again *shivers*

  3. Ameer said: Watch under the red hood, some F'd-up scenes in their too

  4. hehehe, that was ridiculously entertaining ^_^

    Also, oooooooo intensities. Is that the beginning of the movie, more or less?

  5. Simon: Basically

    Jacob: Such was my evil plan!

    Ameer: Yeah, I was gonna put that one in my netflix line-up

    Val: It's really good. If memory serves it was more towards the middle but it's been ages since I've seen it


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