Saturday, September 11, 2010

This Is Some Music

Four out of five doctors recommend that you listen to it with your earholes. The fifth doctor recommended that you use your spleen-bits but it was this doctor:

So follow that at your risk

Out of all this crap there should be at least ONE song you like. That's the Sugary Cynic guarantee!*

*Sugary Cynic guarantee is not binding in Kentucky, Illinois, Maine, Alaska, South Dakota and the entire country of Canada. Sugary Cynic is not responsible for guarantee actually being followed through on. If you invoke the Sugary Cynic guarantee and are not met with your total and complete satisfaction then it sucks to be you now, doesn't it? Sugary Cynic is not liable if you are attacked by a bear while reading this blog. It's unlikely, but we like to keep our bases covered.

Happens more often than you think

Erase Me by Kid Cudi featuring Kanye West

Where Art Thou, Elvis? by The Gaslight Anthem

Better Things by Passion Pit

The Fabulist by Nathan Johnson

Song For Jesse from The Death of Jesse James etc etc etc by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (yes, that Nick Cave)

Now go forth and spread musical love! Or get naked and cover yourself with peanut butter. Either works, really. And no, I'm not going to talk about the crazy motherfucker who wants to burn the copies of the quran or how embarrassed I am to live in the same state as this gap-toothed hate-mongering dick-harbinger of retardation. Because frankly, I have no opinion on the subject. 'Night!

The professor for my thesis class: "This has been a very penis-filled class today, hasn't it?"


  1. I did not hate any of them so thats good!

  2. So your not going to back up your guarantee? I guess I must be getting old, I didn't enjoy any of the " called them?". Though I did drop a Bear with a Rock Bottom whilst reading the post. Thought he could sneak up on me......

  3. Brans: Indeed it is!

    Rich: And that is why I don't endorse the guarantee


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