Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This Is How My Mind Works

It's not a pretty sight:

Also, I realize that even if you click to enlarge it, my handwriting is atrocious, so I have provided a transcript below:

In the dh (which in collegiate acronyms, means "dining hall")

Javi: No, you don't understand, I could rewire the router and-

Zeke: Just accept that you're wrong. And stupid.

Me: (off in space)

Ashley I.: Hello? Anyone home?

Ashley C.: OMG! (response to a life-altering text)

Me: (Inner Monologue) Man, dinner was lame. But I shouldn't eat too much anyway. I need to hit the gym but when?

Me: (IM) Not tonight. Gotta write another friggin paper. Ugh. I shouldn'tve fucked off last night.

Me: (IM) Augh, Dammit! I forgot t send my prospectus to my advisor!

Me: (IM) Oh well, only 1 year left. Then what? I haven't finished applying to Japan or Korea!

Me: (IM) I'm not ready! I'm not an adult, it's all an act! I'm going to spend the rest of my life in my parent's house, unemployed and sad 'til I die. What happens when we die? Is it a void of nothingness? Oh God! Or does it all start over again but I'll never know I was ever me?! I can't deal with this! Think of something else! ANYTHING!

Imaginary Iron Man: Us billionaire heroes gotta stick together!

Imaginary Batman: I..I've been hurt before.

Ashley I.: I said, "HEY! What are you thinking about?"

Me: (out loud) Oh, nothing much. Zoning out.

Ashley I.: You do that a lot.


Imaginary Iron Man: I just want to love you!

Imaginary Batman: I AM THE NIGHT!

It loses rather a lot of the funny without the pictures...

Anywhoo, papering and also a test. Now is the time of the great suckyness! 'Night!

Me: (showing Javi the comic) "Is it funny?"

Javi: "Yeah, it's funny"

Me: "Good, because it's hard for me to tell at 1:30 in the morning"


  1. XD when I first read the ironman/batman part that you went to out of desperation, I thought batman was saying "I've been HERE before," the "here" referring to that particular situation in your head. If the fourth wall is between characters and audience, what's the wall between daydreams, daydreamers, and the audience watching it all happen, the 16th or something? :P

  2. hey i was posting my comics on my blog!!!! nice though

  3. Iron Man, you've got to stop sexually harrassing everyone. It's not cool.

  4. Val: yeah, that's why I ended up typing out the dialogue, my handwriting is shit XD

    Justin: Thanks :D

    Simon: He can't help it, he just as so much love to give without reciprocated consent


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