Saturday, September 25, 2010

Post Cancelled Due To Rain

Infer from this picture what you will

Now if you excuse me, I have pressing collegiate matters to attend to. (Yes this was totally worth making a post for just so I can continue my ridiculous record of posting every single day since February 17th, and besides, you and I both know I've done worse cop-outs than this. Any stroll through the archives will tell you that)

And in my closing statements, I want to see this movie. It looks awesome. Barbossa is teaching Mr. Darcy how to not stammer at the behest of Bellatrix Lestrange.

Who knew speech impediments made for such high drama?

Okay, bye now, try not to make a mess on your way out.


  1. If by rain you mean the uncontrollable headache and potential dry heaves one gets after a night of fun and frolic...well, I can totally get behind that. The thing about sober people is, they wake up feeling as good as they will feel all day. On the other hand, like some kind of Heineken fueled butterfly coming out of a beer cocoon gradually through the day you get to feeling better and is like a leave it to beaver episode of goodness without the sexual innuendo of "Ward, you were really hard on the Beaver last night..."

    Have a good one!

  2. That 'because I have a voice!' exchange made me cringe.

  3. Widow: I think your beer butterfly metaphor may be the greatest thing I have ever heard in my life

    Simon: yeah, I winced a bit at that one. But I'm loving the cast and I still wanna see it


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