Thursday, September 16, 2010

Plunkett and Macleane, aka Victorian Highwaymen, 90's Style

Hello people of earth and also Canada (have I used that one? I feel like I might have used that one already), so I've somehow managed to watch a ton of movies today, mostly because there wasn't much else to do (a rare occasion). So I have a lot of film fodder to go through in the next few posts. Tonight though, I'll do a movie I watched as I was slaving over my paper, about Victorian highwaymen (the movie, not the paper) called Plunkett and Macleane that starred the once-hot Johnny Lee Miller, the still-funny-looking Robert Carlyle and the-jury's-out Liv Tyler.

If you guessed that this movie is from the 90's...well duh. Just look at it.

So the movie centers on Johnny Lee Miller's character, Jamie Macleane, the son of a vicar who is wealthy enough to know the wealthy without actually being wealthy. Aristocracy! One night, after witnessing a coach robbery gone awry he befriends Will Plunkett, played by Robert Carlyle. Plunkett is a thief and a brigand but still a better class of dude than Macleane (it's a heavy-handed statement on what it really means to be a gentleman! DEEP!). Anyways, Plunkett realizes that with Macleane's connections and his thievery know-how, they could rob the shit of the rich, and proceed to do just that to the tune of throbbing techno music because it's the 90's dammit and if it's not ridiculously anachronistic, it's just not good!

Unfortunately, the music is really just techno-y garbage, it's not even the cool anachronistic music, like:

God I love that movie

Back on track!

So Plunkett and Macleane make some serious bank robbing the rich and have various wacky misadventures such as when Macleane gets crotch pox from a rich lady he seduces, or when they attempt to rob Liv Tyler's character Rebbecca and her guardian, Lord Dumbledore, and she headbutts the shit out of Macleane. He has trouble with the ladies. And with Alan Cumming's character, Sir Rochester, but that's for different reasons entirely.

...Yeah. Although I will say this is one of the few movies where Alan Cumming did not annoy the crap out of me. Generally his whole Alan Cumming-ness is super irritating to me, but here he's actually really funny. Still weird. But funny.

So yeah, while Plunkett dreams of taking the money and going to America and Macleane's falling in love with Rebbecca, who is all feisty and badass, they're being chased by this dude named Mr. Chance who runs around jabbing people's eyeballs, blackmailing Lord Dumbledore and just generally being a dickweed. And he almost gets them and then there's a carriage explosion (not kidding), and then Macleane makes the fatal mistake of not getting the fuck out of there when the gettin's good cuz he's waiting for Rebbecca. Plunkett feels all betrayed and junk and leaves and OF COURSE it was a trap and OF COURSE Macleane gets his ass captured. At this point you may be wondering if:

A. Macleane is hanged and dies a horrible death (which is historically accurate to the real James Macleane)

B. Rebbecca sleeps with Mr. Chance to save him (hell naw, she's too cool)

or C. Plunkett comes to save him at the very last minute riding a literal white horse and with smoke bombs and swordfighting and what is the best music in the whole movie

If you picked A or B, then we're not friends anymore. (Seriously, that scene is so cliched and yet SO DAMN EPIC. I blame the music)

Unfortunately, there's no clip of it in English, but you still get the full effect of the musical awesomeness:


So yeah, it's a typical action/adventure period piece. It's funny, it's exciting and Robert Carlyle and Johnny Lee Miller play very well off each other. Is it high cinematic art? Oh Godjesus no, but it sure ain't boring. Three and a half catapults out five for robbing from the rich and giving sexy to the audience.

Man, what is it with guys looking hot in period costume? I'm just gonna blame it on the fact that I'm a literature student with a heavy background in British Lit...yes, that's why.

So lastly, there was a thing on Total Film where they showed the best photoshopped pictures of the infamous Struttin' Leo DiCaprio from the set of Inception. You know the one...

Some of them were perfect and some of them were retarded, I grabbed the ones that made me laugh so hard I almost peed.

This is Sugary Cynic saying, "See Leo. See Leo strut. Strut, Leo, strut!" 'Night!

Macleane: "Still swinging both ways, Rochester?"

Lord Rochester: "Jamie, I swing every way"


  1. I love Robert Carlyle. He's so Scottish.

    That clip was damn epic.

    Leo's smile makes the world smile. In awkward amazement. Or something.

  2. Simon: I will watch Robert Carlyle in pretty much anything. And Struttin' Leo makes my day brighter

  3. Dang, that guy in the noose is lookin' pretty good... for being in a noose.

    Also, love Leo in those photos. Haters gon' hate, indeed.

  4. Cassie: In a noose, not in a noose, it's all relative. Haters be hatin on that Leo Strut

  5. 1748 is not Victorian, unless Queen Victoria reigned for 71 years before she was born.

  6. LEO ROCKS!!!!! Anyone who hates him is a jealous punk.


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