Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Case Of The Mondays...On Tuesday

Plenty more movies seen, but I don't feel like doing a movie review. I've been feeling really out of it, and while it makes more sense to chalk things up to general sleep-deprivation, but it feels like more than that. Last year my problem was that I felt stuck, rooted in place while everything around me changed. Now I feel like everything is changing and whirling by faster than anyone could ever keep up. I'm worried I'm going to get left behind, that I'm not going to be fast enough and I'm going to miss it but at the same time like I myself am moving too fast and I can't do anything to slow down. I know it doesn't make much sense but it's bugging me nonetheless.

Sorry to all the new followers I have recently acquired (Google is finally at 50! And Networked is over 60!) a peek through the archives shows that I am not typically a bag of angst and usually much more fun :D maybe I just need some more sleep.

If this didn't make you go "awww!" then you DON'T HAVE A SOUL. Seriously, this is how we find out who's a Terminator

So yeah, in conclusion, taking a personal evening and stuff to sort through my issues while listening to Sarah McLachlan and gazing solemnly into the middle distance.

What? do you expect to properly brood and/or soul-search without my reflective-pose fedora and the appropriate mood lighting? GOSH.

See you tomorrow for brighter skies and better posts. 'Night!

Shaina: (on taking a Spanish test) So I was trying to write "his arm was broken" but I forgot the word for broken. I know in French it's "casse" in the infinitive so I wrote down "casar" because I couldn't remember what it meant and it sounded close. Except then I did remember what it meant but it was too late. I ended up writing "his arm was married."


  1. I was on board and a fan long before all of the "bandwagon" jumpers! Some shout out love to your longest lasting fans! ;D On a more serious note, Sarah McLachlan really? Really cynic? I find my "blue moods" go away when I fire up some White Zombie, Ozzy, Metallica, Motorhead, or Sweaty Uncle Teddy! Now that is some bad mojo ass kicking music. Sarah just seems to increase the bad mojo. So chin up chica! And lambaste your unsuspecting neighbors with some MotorHead "Killed By Death" as high as your speakers can handle, then go 3 notches higher! That should bring a smile to anyones face! ;D

  2. All them new guys are posers, yo.

    And it's impossible to look serious about anything without a fedora. It shows you mean business.

  3. Rich: dude, the Sarah Mclachlin was intended as a joke :p Stevie Ray Vaughn is my musical antidepressant of choice.

    Simon: Play nice with the new kids! But it is true about the fedora.

    Unwashed: Aha! I knew it! This was all an elaborate trap to get you to reveal yourself!!


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