Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Wish Eddie Izzard And Craig Ferguson Would Be My Friends And Hang Out With Me

To my friends that are not Eddie Izzard and Craig Ferguson: Please fix this now. I'm waiting.

In other news, my eighty-year old grandmother has "liked" my blog on Facebook, which both frightens and disturbs me because I'm pretty sure she still thinks I'm 12 (I have vivid memories of getting a Little Mermaid card for my 17th birthday), so God knows what she thinks of all this. I heart her and all, due to familial obligations and such, but she doesn't need to see all the Sean Connery worship and copious swearing that goes on around here.

Dramatic Re-enactment of what I assume will be her reaction to this post

Not much else. No movies, a buttload of readings about immigration for this one team-taught class I had to take, but that balances out because the two professors bicker like an old married couple and that is massively entertaining and also tomorrow we are watching Gangs of New York which is AWESOME. Any movie with Daniel Day Lewis in a top hat is ok by me.

Daniel Day Lewis wants YOU, to join him on his quest for ultimate bad-assery...and also to, you know, subjugate the Irish. That too.

A worthy contender for the Mustache Hall of Fame if I ever saw one.

Finally, there's new comics at The Daily Sketch! Yay! I mention this because the newest comic to be posted made me giggle like I was mentally unsound:

Not much else to talk about, I wanna go see The American at some point. Not because it looks like a decent thriller, or because I feel compelled to obey the big brown eyes of George Clooney, but for one reason that stands above the rest:


I don't care if the rest of the movie is him prancing through a field of flowers (...that actually would be pretty good), I will go see it just to see him angrily scooter after some dude on the big screen. And you should too.

This Sugary Cynic saying "Vroom! George Clooney, Vroom!" 'Night!

"I'm a one-man idiot" -Eddie Izzard


  1. There is nothing about this post I didn't like.

  2. I'm glad you liked the joke. I was afraid no one who hadn't had to do battle with the terrible color selection of baby yarns wouldn't appreciate it.

  3. Unwashed: Oh yes


    Noli: Well I know nothing about yarn-related activities and it made me laugh


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