Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here's What I Did Today...

1. Went to my one class, which I did turn in a paper for, so that has to count for something, right?

2. Read Clockwork Angel in it's entirety in one sitting.

Like I could turn down something with a cover like this?

So the book takes place in (say it with me now) Victorian England, and focuses on 16 year old Tessie, an American off to the blighted London shores to join her brother. But what she finds instead is magic, evil, demons, demon-hunters called Shadow-hunters and also the ability to shape shift into other people, which sounds pretty handy...

"Umm...Scarlett, are you all right? You seem...different somehow"
"Nope, same Scarlett Johansson I've always been. Make-out time!"

Yeah, um, so, the book. Tessa gets drawn into this whole Shadow World dealie and has to help the Shadow Hunters fight vampires and warlocks and the like and it's very exciting. Cassandra Clare, the author, sets the scene fantastically, you can tell she did her Victorian research. The action scenes are great as well, fast paced without ever feeling to muddled or not descriptive enough. On the negative side, the characters, though frequently spouting witty, devil-may-care one-liners, are all rather of the cardboard cutout nature, only one of them, a boy named Jem with a nasty case of...well it's a plot point but rest assured, it's nasty, comes across as a fully fleshed out character. The bad guys, who don't require too much background, are nice and villainy but the heroes, who we need to know SOMETHING about, are lacking.

Even Tessa, the main protagonist, is not terribly interesting and often comes across as whiny or painfully naive. Also, I get that it's Victorian London and that people there talk a certain sort of way, but they all sounded like adults much of the time and that's how I imagined them, and thus kept getting tripped up when someone would be called a boy. There weren't acting or talking like boys but the main one that ticked me off is that there's a character named Charlotte who is pretty much the head honcho and is married and always described in the manner of like, a middle-aged person. Near the end of the novel it comes up that Charlotte is 23. Bullshit. We get one sentence from Tessa that's like "gee, she seemed so much older cuz she's all authoritative and junk" but it just doesn't fly for me. Why make all these points of Charlotte's I dunno, "adultness" and then make her so shockingly young? Ok, I'm nitpicking but it bugged me.

Overall Clockwork Angel is an entertaining beginning to what looks like an exciting trilogy. There's magic, automatons, vampires and all kinds of cool crap. As long as you're not looking for something terribly deep or out of this world awesome, you should enjoy it. And anyway, it was nice to read something not assigned me to by a professor.

And finally, here is a video that has nothing to do with anything, but made me giggle:

"Let me in, I'm the right one" Heh.


  1. That should be a show. I'm serious.

  2. The book or Grampire? I hope you mean Grampire.


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