Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feh! (it's like meh but with more force)

Paper. Suuuuuucks. I think it sucks so much because I just really could give a shit about it, you know? Like the Orson Welles paper was a pain the ass to write but at least I cared about it and was interested in it. This one's for Immigration and I seriously could not care less. Sorry, immigrants.

Further proof that I am a terrible person

So one of my roommate's has been binging on X-Files in the common room. I haven't actually watched any of them because my door's shut and I'm ostensibly working on this paper (read: watching Stardust) but I've heard the opening theme somewhere close to a dozen times by now.

I fear for my sanity. Surely hallucinations of David Duchovny attempting to convince me that the truth is out there can't be far behind.

To change the subject, I am so fucking down with every new clip that comes out for RED. I cannot wait to see this movie!! Helen Mirren cappin' bitches, John Malkovich acting like a crazed bastard again, and Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman, who really need only show up for me to be happy. Then I see stuff like this:

and this:

And I just get way too excited for my own good.

Not too much else to say tonight. Sorry for the less-than-awesome posts lately. As soon as I get through this week I'll have a lot less shit to do and a lot more time to practice being funny on the internet.

Cuz it's such a delicate art and all

All right, good night you crazy kids. Smoking that dope, listening to your rock and roll and wearing your pants all low. You stay out of trouble. I'll be over here, pretending to write about the difficulties second-generation immigrants have retaining their culture, but actually watching Robert DeNiro prance around in a dress. 'Night!

God, I love that movie.


  1. Hello, hello, my dear cynic- you're tagged to do part three of Kid in the Front Row's story blog!

    Here's the link to the first two parts:


  2. RED= FOR ME! Hellen and John...that is a nerd girls wet only gets wetter if it was some combo of Star Trek DS9 Cast meets Star gate...yeah, I have to go stand in the corner now and feel my shame properly!

    PS My mom feels the same way about the opening of House. I don't watch TV in the traditional way...and never realized just how cool Hugh Laurie is until recently, so naturally I had to get all the seasons of house (I think like 100 years worth) and watch them all back to back...she feels your pain.

  3. ...I can not believe you just described my COMPLETELY-INNOCENT-AND-HARMLESS-IN-FACT-ALMOST-ADORABLE new-found interest in X-files as "bingeing"!!! :P

  4. You tagged me, fiend! I KEEL YOU!

    Anyways. Red looks so unbelievably awesome.

  5. Manda: thanks for the tag, you heartless villain :p

    Widow: Lol, but I actually freaking love Massive Attack and could totally listen to the intro for House a billion times

    Ashley: A binge by any other name :D

    Simon: You gotta find me first! MWAHAHAHA! Yes, RED looks rad as hell

  6. You crazy yanks are always getting this wrong: if you care about something, you give a shit, right? So if you don't care, you DON'T give a shit. So, if you say you COULD give a shit about your paper, you are saying that there is the possibility of you showing an interest in it. What you mean to say is that you COULDN'T give a shit, implying that there is no chance of interest whatsoever. It's like when you colonials say you "could care less". You mean you COULDN'T care less, because you already care so little that any smaller amount of caring would be inconceivable, but what you say indicates that there is a substantial amount of caring, allowing for the possibility of a smaller amount.

    This post was brought to you by a patronising English person.

  7. O.o wow, ok. Didn't realize I touched a raw nerve there. Never figured you for a grammar stickler.

  8. Sorry I went all ranty there, it's just one of my pet hates. Normal service will be resumed immediately.


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