Monday, September 6, 2010

Everyone's A Critic

So I showed The Brothers Bloom to my roommates and some friends tonight because the weather was shitty and there wasn't much else to do, and they all dug it, which was awesome because there is a certain amount of pressure, I think, that comes with introducing your friends to a movie you like. It's kind of like this:

But instead of three minutes of awkward, it's two hours of "no, wait, this is the good part, I swear I didn't remember that one really bad part"

So it went well this time, but last year I got all excited over Lost In Translation and shared it with my roommates and was met with a resounding "Huh?" as well as a "nothing happened!" and one "I wish I had Scarlett Johansson's butt" It was rather tragic and my friends teased me for liking a "boring indie movie" the highlight of which was Scarlett's boo-tay.

Hell, who doesn't wish they had her ass? (Don't lie to yourself)

And then there was the time I wanted to go see Where The Wild Things Are. Granted, this was a little different because I hadn't yet seen it, but I championed the hell out of it and pretty much dragged everyone with me to it. And afterwards when they walked out discussing how "that shit was fucking weird" I knew I had lost film suggestion rights for awhile.

To be fair, that shit is a bit fucking weird (But I did like it anyway)

Similar issues arise with family. I've showed my brother dozens of movies, sometimes it ends well, like The Usual Suspects and Dark City, and sometimes, we get an In Bruges or Up and he's like "this is boring. I don't care. I'm going to go watch Rush Hour 2" Of course, it's not totally one-sided, like the time my mother tried to show me Fargo and I, in turn, tried to chew off my own limbs to escape the desolate frozen boredom of Northern Minnesota.

But nothing does

So yeah, every time I show my friends a movie there's that element of fear that they'll hate it and claim it sucks and was terriblle and I lose all movie-showing and/or suggesting privileges forever, they'll never want to see any movies with me either in theaters or in the dorms and then I will shunned for my unfortunate taste in film, SHUNNED I SAY.

Who knew watching movies could be such a stressful experience?


  1. Great read.

    I hear ya -- introduced the roomies to Road to Perdition the other night and was pretty nervous they'd tag it as 'slow' 20 minutes in.

  2. Just so you know, I do have a her is hanging on my mantel with my stuffed endangered species snowleopard head...


  3. God, it sucks showing people movies. Like, one time I watched Women in Trouble, and the whole movie was so terribly mediocre that when the post-credits scene with Joseph Gordon-Levitt came up, I was laughing my ass off, because compared to the rest of the movie, that one scene was amazing. So then I told my sister to skip straight to the post-credits, and she was all "It wasn't that funny, dude", and then I realized you have to sit through ninety minutes of suck before you can watch six minutes of not-suck.

    So yeah.

  4. Hal: Thanks :D, and such is the burden of the film nerd lol

    Widow: Nice, I'm jealous :p

    Simon: Been there (well, not specifically there, never seen Women In Trouble, but you get my point)


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