Sunday, September 26, 2010

Batman, Thesis and Temporary Adoption

So today I woke, reasonably confused considering my mental state, and stumbled down to the dining hall for what I thought would be a quiet breakfast/lunch/whatever you call it when you wake up after twelve, with a mostly empty dining hall full of similarly afflicted individuals. No such luck. I had forgotten that today was Family Day, and as such, the dining hall was packed with...families.

So yeah, Family Day. My parents have never been up for it but it's not really our family's style anyway. Either way, I was temporarily adopted by my roommate Shaina's parents and we went to the beach! And if you've been reading this blog long enough you know what comes next:

Witness the triumphant return of Bacon Cynic!

And then the school showed Toy Story 3, and it was nice to see that again. I had forgotten how unbelievably awesome Spanish Buzz Lightyear was. I think I might like him better than regular Buzz Lightyear. I can't wait til it comes out DVD!

So my thesis research is entering overdrive as I amass books, journals and sources in a Gollum-esque manner:

"Yessss, another Watchmen analysis to be my preciousss! Must keep Blake criticisms away from tricksy grad studentses!"

Maybe it was a good thing I went out in the sun.

Anyway, my professor was discussing the most effective ways to determine the usefulness of sources and the like and she gave us this sage advice, "No one has time to actually READ all the way through their sources, that's stupid! Indexes and tables of contents are your friend. I want you to," (pauses to write the following phrase on the board in all capital letters) "RAPE AND PILLAGE...well maybe not rape, per se, but definitely pillage"

I've always wanted to major in being a Viking warlord but I never could manage to take Intermediate Looting because it always conflicted with Longship Repair. Bummer. So I ordered this book for my Postmodern class from Amazon a while ago, but Amazon was a butt and lost it, which sucks. Thankfully it came the other day, but I didn't have it the day I needed the book but I can't be mad at Amazon because if they had never lost the book, I would never have found the awesomest thing ever. To whit: If Amazon had delivered the book on time I would not have had to go to the school library to hunt down an earlier edition of it. And if that hadn't happened I wouldn't have accidentally gone down the wrong row looking for the book and then I never would have spotted the comic book row (apparently we have one), never would have actually stopped to check out the copy of Bone we have and (finally) never would have noticed the copy of Gotham By Gaslight, an alternate universe incarnation of Batman that takes place in the late Victorian Era and was drawn by Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame.

It's a good thing my library has rules about screaming in high-pitched, fangirlish glee

So it's pretty good. It contains two stories, the second one by far being the weaker, focusing on this World's Fair type thing and a nutball in a blimp who wants to destroy it. The first story's much better, better pacing, better story better everything. It retells the Batman origin in the setting of England and America in the olden days, severally limiting Batman's arsenal, but not his awesomeness. The main focus is Bruce trying to hunt down Jack the Ripper and it's quite good til the end when we find out the identity of the Ripper (which is kind of ridiculous, who it is, I mean) and the reveal that Jack the Ripper is the one who killed Bruce's parents. I'm still torn on whether that's amazing or incredibly retarded.

So thank for you being a butt,, otherwise I would be distinctly lacking in Victorian Batman. This is Sugary Cynic saying "Go forth and pillage! But only on a metaphorical level" 'Night!

Shaina: (to her parents) "All you have to do is feed Ashley and she will love you forever"

Ashley: "It's true!"


  1. ameer said: Theres another Victorian era batman GN that's supposed to be really good as well but I can't remember the name. Also Bone is awesome!!!!

  2. Ummmm There should be no tear, Sugary Cynic...Jack the Ripper killing his parents is INCREDIBLY LAME! Unless of course Bruce's mom was a ho...and his Dad was a regular john of hers...then that is awesome!

  3. Jack the Ripper is basically the Joker in the first Batman movie is so incredibly stupid. Why are you even conflicted about such silliness?

    Whoa, schools have comics now? Trippy.

  4. Ameer: yay! More Victorian Batman! And I read Bone when I was a kid but I want to re-read it and catch all the stuff I'm sure I missed as a munchkin

    Widow and Simon: It's not so much that it's awesome in itself but it's like I feel like I have to admire the sheer fucking balls and audacity to have Bruce's parents killed by Jack the Ripper.

  5. Well, at least you have a vacation and break from your thesis writing. And it is good as it would help you refresh your mind from stress. We know how can master thesis or phd dissertation can be stressful mentally and physically. Anyway, what happened to your study?


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