Saturday, September 4, 2010



Balloon barricade!!

Shower balloons!!

Balloons out for blood!!


Clearly I am getting my money's worth, college-wise. Also everything smells like latex. But it's ok* because BALLOONS!

*several balloons were harmed in the making of this post. In particular, Sheldon the Giant Green Balloon will be missed, but hopefully his children and his successor Howie will help fill the void. And even if we did harm some balloons, it was in a non-malicious manner. The same cannot be said for these guys:


"I'm gonna put a balloon in this balloon. And maybe put a balloon in that balloon as well" -Javi, preparing to rupture the balloon space-time continuum


  1. That was disturbing. I'll never get to sleep now.

  2. I can picture a movie about Killer Balloons. If they can make a movie about a Killer Turkey, and a Killer Pinata, they can make one about balloons. The really sad part? I would watch the Killer Balloon movie.

  3. Is there a SPCB group? If yes...never ever let them see these balloons. Your secret is safe with me.

    I have to say that as a veteran of combat I hate balloons, as I have an aversion to ALL loud popping noises...but just the same...I can't pass up bubble wrap without...well you know. :)


  4. Couldn't stop laughing.... and the sound wasn't even on:)

    (someone you know well.....)

  5. Simon: Balloon nightmares are at least fairly original nightmares

    Rich: (runs to copyright "Killer Balloons")

    Ron: Understandable that loud-ass popping noises would freak you out then. But NO ONE can resist the seductive power of bubble-wrap!

    Anon: Well, glad you laughed Someone-I-Know

  6. So, what, was one balloon child not enough for Zeke or something? Also, was that the Cake Time guy? Also, the bubble wrap junkies really oughta be following the link in my name whenever I post :P


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