Sunday, September 12, 2010

And Like, We'll All Totally Get Makeovers!

Site makeover!

Yeah, that's right, you can never unsee that

It's still very much a work in progress, I'm not sure what I like yet, so sound off on whether you love it, hate it, or couldn't give less of crap. Also, despite how delightfully quirky and shitty the new banner appears to be, it was actually really fucking hard and took FOREVER. And Sean Connery is wearing a wig. Because bald dudes are a lot harder to draw than you'd think. Especially on the computer with only a track-pad. Carpal tunnel here I come!

So yeah, tell me what you think. In the meantime, there was going to be a movie review up here but it's nearly 2am, I'm really tired and I forgot to wear my glasses so I have a huge headache. The eye doctor apparently forgot to mention that my glasses are useless if they are not on my face. Just saying, this is information that would have been nice to know beforehand.

But, so you're not left with a cold, barren blog post that is the internet equivalent of a harsh, Siberian exile, here's some more batshit insane Japanese ads, featuring Nicholas Cage having an acid flashback, Harrison Ford crashing a family dinner and stealing their beer, Ben Stiller seducing cheerleaders with lemon beverages and a double helping of good ol' Sean Connery, one where he's selling ham (apt!) and another where he's on a road trip with a bunny rabbit for yogurt. I'm completely serious.

Japan is weird, but these guys are weirder. This is Sugary Cynic, unable to erase the look of sheer horror/ecstasy in Nicholas Cage's eyes from her brain. 'Night!


  1. Nice new look? I'm sorry I am sure you worked hard, I don't notice anything different.....yes, I am a bad blog friend, I come here for the prose....... ;D I did notice however the new character on the banner(Sean Connery?). Better than I can do, I am still at the stick figure stage......

  2. Things I learned today:
    1) If you put Nic Cage on the right acid (I don't care what he was actually selling, I saw acid trip), he'll be seeing triple AND dancing iguanas! (which, based on McGarrah's stories, seems like a let down of an acid trip, actually)

    2) If you drink the right beer with dinner, Harrison Ford will come dine with you (a theory I intend to test at my earliest convenience)

    3) Sean Connery can get paid so much to do so little (addendum: now I've seen the rabbit commercial too, and he actually had more than one word! This theory needs more work now)

    4) Athens doesn't have a Godiva chocolate store with which to exploit my chocolate membership (I know, it's not blog related, but it is still something I learned today, so there!)

  3. I like the remodel!I love the new poster and the new blue definetly fits!! however, the nice white cloud/abstract figures near the top seem kinda out of place. then again I may be crazy.

  4. Lovely new banner. Or whatever.

    I hear Japanese advertising's where the money's at.

  5. Rich: Mostly I just upgraded to blogger's new template design

    Val: I'm sorry for your lack of Godiva (bummer!) but if you can get ahold of some Japanese beer you might have some Harrison Ford in your future!

    Javi: yeah, not sure about it yet. Still figuring out what I want.

    Simon: Thank you. Or whatever.


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