Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vlogamjig (For Reals)

All the magic of yesterday, today!

Note: This was, for whatever reason, a pain in the ass to upload and get to work right for whatever reason, and the end result isn't terribly funny and youtube raped the quality so if you hate it, take heart, I'm probably not doing it again.

Also I went and saw Scott Pilgrim again and it was WONDERFUL.


  1. I will give you my life's savings for those socks and that Be Kind Rewind poster. I am not kidding.

    Meanwhile, I have that same Dark Knight poster, FUCKING ROLLY CAT FUCK YEAH, you're roommates look awesome, and I'm glad you're not doing this again, because I refuse to become a person who watches vlogs. No offense, but that's a certain demographic.

  2. I thought that was the start of the new Cloverfield film or summat. Kept waiting for the head of the statue of liberty to come smashing through the window.

  3. ah, move in day. The chaos...the unpacking...the reunions.... I'm glad you're not doing that again kuz I can't freaking handle it T_T You wierdos need to all hurry up and graduate and move to Georgia, kuz I said so.

  4. Simon: you stay from my poster and my Korean socks. I'M WATCHIN YOU, WOMAN! And yeah, vlogging was a one-time thing :p

    Unwashed: FEAR MY SHAKY CAM! (now to option the movie rights)

    Val: I miss you, ho. How about you flunk out of grad school and come back here?

  5. OMG OMG OMG OMG!! okay first of all nice video XD really liked it and i know u like scott pilgrim and i need to tell you that i found this website where u make your own scott pilgrim AVATAR!! ITS FLIPPIN SWEET (yes i know this has nothing to do with this post but i haaadd to tell you!!!!!!) thats the website check it out
    if u already had haha srry for wasting your time XD

  6. Ameer said:

    Good funny stuff!


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