Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vlogamjig (Coming Soon)

It's like a blog, but with video and also magic. And ponies.

But it's taking too long to put together and its after 2. So wait til tomorrow. Impatient bastards (not you, of course. We're still cool, right?)

In the meantime:

Proving once and for all that I am not the weirdest fan out there


  1. I have been thinking about doing some video stuff.

    I'd need a camera first, though.

  2. haha it only makes since that hes the dad of indiana jones :P but yea me and my friends made videos a while ago for youtube but for some weird reason there lost oh well i would post videos on my blog its just that you really cant hear what im saying XD cant wait to see it

  3. We're not cool, as a matter of fact. You need to earn my love, fool.

    That song is such an earworm.


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