Monday, August 16, 2010

Sugary Cynic Lesbians Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Hell yeah I do. So hard.

So yeah, Scott Pilgrim is a Canadian slacker fake-dating a highschooler named Knives because it's easy when suddenly a pink-haired American girl is skating through his dreams. Literally. This girl is Ramona Flowers and her and Scott connect and begin to date. There's just a few problems: 1. Knives doesn't know this, and 2. All of Ramona's evil ex-exes have formed a league set on murdering any new boyfriend Ramona tries to have. So if Scott wants any peace in his relationship, bitch has to man up and kick some ex-ass.

And also win the battle of the bands to get a record deal.

And put up with his snarky gay roommate who is much smarter than him.

And his sister to whom his snarky gay roommate gossips to.

And his own evil ex, who's now a rockstar

...And also, ya know, tell Knives they're broken up.

Good luck with that

The things the movie does right:

The whole feel's just right, ya know?

Nearly all the characters are perfect analogs to the books. Especially the aforementioned gay roommate, Wallace Wells. I was worried they would tone him down but he is hilarious and wonderful and I think I might love Kieran Culkin now. Also Chris Evans as the movie star ex, Lucas Lee, Ellen Wong as Knives Chau and Aubrey Plaza as the bitchtastic Julie Powers are basically walking talking versions of the comic book characters, maybe even a little better.

Remember how I was all scared that Micahel Cera would ruin Scott Pilgrim? ...He was good! Still a bit of the mumbly awkward dude but he's crawled out of his shell a bit to play Scott and it really shows. Also his fight scenes ROCKED.

Great gags that were not in the books: Multiple guys waking up in Scott and Wallace's bed, a Bollywood fight sequence and a scene devoted to spoofing Seinfeld. (Glee!!!!)

This the closest and best melding of "videogame movie" you have ever seen

Half the lines are verbatim from the comic, and I can't think of any classics that didn't make it, from the l-word to the sexy phase to punching Scott's life in the face

The way Edgar Wright decided to deal with the Nega-Scott was brilliant

My brother has never read the books but he loved the hell out of it. Possibly because he got all the videogame references

Like 20,00 other awesome things I can't even think of right now

What the movie gets wrong:

I am not so much a fangirl that I cannot recognize wrongdoing! In this case, both Kim Pine the drummer and Envy Adams the evil rockstar ex are decimated characterwise. the actors are pretty good, doing the best with what they've got but even though, apart from Ramona, they're the girls that have the biggest impact on Scott's life, they are relegated to the background as Kim becomes a monotone snarker and Envy as a character feels more like a plot device.

The movie's ending is different from the books, which is understandable, seeing as Bryan Lee O'Malley was still working on book 6 when they were filming. The basic outcome is still the same but the road to getting there is really different. The problem with this is that because certain elements are shuffled around and changed, Ramona becomes like, bitch squared. Her character is seriously kind of an asshole now. My brother was all like, "why's Scott trying so hard to get with her? She's a bitch" and all I could say was "not in the books...mostly" Hell, I kinda wanted him to end up with Knives, whose movie version is just adorable.

So really only two quibbles, but they're pretty big ones, especially Ramona's characterization because what's the point in pursuing her when she's a raging bitch? Still, it's not enough to make dislike a movie that is so visually, stylistically, and character-ically(?) fun. All in all it's a blast from start to finish, the fights are insane and it's a great ride. Which is what is should have been, so I'm happy. Four and a half catapults for a summer movie to remember!

Now git!

Scott: "Ramona...I'm in lesbians with you!"

(the other "L word" Scott!)


  1. That memory-cam panel was probably my favourite panel in the whole comic.

    I'm looking forward to this film.

  2. Wallace was such a slut, and he was so snark-tastic, but never got all camp-gay, it was brilliant.

    But is it wrong that I dug that song The Clash at Demonhead sang? It's the opening lines, they're stuck in my head.

  3. at first when i saw the tralier to this movie i thought oh great another movie where Michael Cera gets laid (does anyone notice that in all the movies he's in he does get laid ) but then i found out it was a comic read it LOVED IT the story is great and after studying it some more i completly changed my mind. i can relate to scott (except my exs wouldnt kill the girl im dating they kill me for dating the girl) XD okay bye!

  4. Let me reiterate how fucking gnarly-tastic, nerd-gasmic, spine-bending, mind-humping, baby-who's-your-daddy AWESOME!!!! this movie was from start to finish! And now that I know the changes that were made to translate from book to film (I knew there would be a few), I am now enticed to collect the books and experience the brilliance in its original form.

    I promise, I am seeing this in the theater at least two more times. I nearly went again yesterday, but I'm saving myself for a friend next week when I visit her!

    "We are the Sex-Bob-Ombs and we're here to sell out and make some money!"

  5. Unwashed: It rocks pretty hard

    Simon: There's nothing at all wrong with that :p

    Justin: *blink blink* ok, I think I got most of that. (I kid!)

    Jacob: Deep breaths, deep breaths lol


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