Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Stargazers

We lay out looking at the stars
And heard the drone of passing cars
Deafening in all the nighttime silence

And I wasn't sure just what to do
About the gulf 'tween me and you
A loss for words, for thoughts, for even violence

I watched them fall out of the sky
Felt something down inside me die
Melodramatic? Yes, but still so apt

Thought you made the slightest sound
But it's just the wind, the grass, the ground
So I lay there as though I'd been slapped

And I know you know and so do I
That we both had our reasons why
But there's no voice for what's inside my head
You lay there, might as well be dead

...So we listen to the stars instead


  1. Nice change of pace, sugar. For my paint picture I would like to see a depiction of the fight between your man Sean connery and Robert shaw in from Russia with love, but featuring a guest appearance by shaw's nemesis: Bruce the shark.

  2. Jacob: it would have to be, wouldn't it?

    Unwashed: Dude, I dunno if I can even draw a shark. It's gonna look like a dolphin's retarded cousin

    Kid: Aw, thanks :D

    Simon: ...? Good eek, bad eek? Ambivalent eek?


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