Friday, August 27, 2010

A Resurgence of Random

Long, long ago...around six or so months ago, I used to have theme days. One of them was Friggin' Random Friday. While this is technically Thursday's post, it's the wee hours of Friday over here and I'm feeling random so deal with it.

(Also Ameer and Deb, I know I owe you pictures but I be tired and/or lazy right now, but they'll be up soon. and they will be so rad your eyeballs will spontaneously immolate from the sheer amount of awesome)

So, in the morning I'll get my results for round one of my application (the one I've been freaking out over since the summer months). I'm freaking out. Like a lot. And everyone says, "well there's nothing you can do, so why get all weird about something you have no control over?"


It's not your future, it's not your deal, it's not your fucking problem. It's my prerogative to melt into a puddle of worry and anticipation if I want to! And telling me I have no control over it does not somehow make me feel better. Does that work in any other situation?

Pilot: "Oh no! The plane's crashing, we're all gonna die and it's my fault!!!"

Dude: "Hey guy, chill out. It's not like you can do anything about it, why worry about something you can't control?"

I'm not over reacting, am I?

So I had ordered these movies from Netflix, this Canadian cop comedy Bad Cop, Bon Cop that was recommended to me, and also that Simon Pegg movie, How To Lose Friends And Alienate People, but even though I changed my address to my dorm, Netflix still sent the movies to my parent's house. So no movies. Thanks Netflix.

Hulu Plus loves me more anyway, it gives* me season 4 of 30 Rock!!

*For a fee and also interspersed with a totally not-intrusive eight hours of commercials for Allstate with Dean Winters being...weird.

Get Allstate insurance, because you never know when some washed-up actor will come do weird shit to your car with his silly pink sunglasses

So I found what may be the greatest Tumblr blog ever. EVER. It's called Hungover Owls and it's literally picture after picture of owls looking like they had a rough night with adorably cranky captions to go with them. Go and enjoy it with your eye-parts.

I'm trying to make a pun but I just keep going "Awww! That owl had too much tequila!"

Finally, I'm a bit behind on this one, but for all you Scott Pilgrim fans that are hollow and directionless now that the movie's out and the last book is done, here's an animated short that Adult Swim put together that covers Scott Pilgrim in high school from Book 2 (and yeah, the actors from the movie do their voices!):

It makes me want an animated Scott Pilgrim series. SO BADLY.

And that's it. By the next post I'll either be celebrating, or drowning myself in an endless river of sorrow. Or maybe just moping. Wish me luck or something. Or give me a puppy. Puppies rock. 'Night!

"Postmodernism is a slatternly floozy" -Dr. Hess, our new Literature professor


  1. WAIT, is there actually a new literature prof named Dr Hess? WAIT, who's gone now?

  2. I thought daily visits to Hungover Owls were my secret shame... but other people like it too! This makes me happy.

  3. Ameer said: Theres nothing wrong about feeling stressed out over your application, it means you actually invested yourself in it. And if its too much you don't have to do the pic. It's all good

  4. You can't do anything about it so you might as well freak out. At least it makes the time go by faster. More Scott Pilgrim, please.

  5. Applications are for pussies (if they get rejected, and said pussies are whhoever rejected them ahem).

    I want them to give Scott Pilgrim the Clerks treatment, yo.

  6. Val: Dr. Hess is Dr. Barrett's replacement for American Lit

    Jess: You are not alone in your love of owls that party too hard

    Jacob: I wish I could will more Scott Pilgrim into existence

    Simon: I'm slightly confused about who's a pussy exactly, but thanks anyway :D


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