Monday, August 30, 2010

Placeholder Poetry

Ok so it was a boring rainy Sunday spent at the mall with mi amigos testing out I-pads at the Apple Store, which is seriously the grown-up version of Toys R Us. I-pads, while serving no discernible real-world purpose, are fun as hell to play games on. Also the Sony store was showing a football game in 3D, which was actually kind of awesome. So tonight I just kind of hung out in my room and marathoned two bizarre-ass movies courtesy of Netflix: Legend of the Tsunami Warrior, a Thai fantasy epic, and Franklyn, a British I-don't-know-what. But it's late and I've got class tomorrow and Franklyn especially deserves a more in-depth review than "that shit was weird, yo" so you'll get those tomorrow. In the meantime, please enjoy this poem I discovered while cleaning out my documents folder that I totally forgot I had ever written:

An Empty Stage

Footprints in the dusty floor
Immortalized forevermore
From when we made our final stand
I still recall your waving hand

The smile that danced across your face
And the tears, they left no trace
Moved like I was in a trance
Seconds were years in the time we danced

You whispered softly in my ear
That there was nothing else to fear
Nothing you had left to chance
So you claimed in that last dance

And though the steps are long since past
I’ve finally made it back at last
Can almost hear that soft refrain
And yet the footprints still remain


  1. Hello!Very good!
    DO you mind if we send from the oficial blog of Jim Morrison Fanclub to your blog?
    Live forever the Lizard King!

  2. Is this about Harry Potter? I bet it's about Harry Potter.


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