Saturday, August 21, 2010

Packin' Music

Music to box up all your crap to:

All packed up. Now all that's left is to schlep all this shit up to school. Wheeee. Expect silliness or rampant half-assery. Or both. Probably both. I feel like I should say something deep or whatever about the summer time, about museums and Frenchmen and babysitting and deranged old women and con-geeks who shower every other full moon and the hundredth blog post and the hundredth Facebook fan and Scott Pilgrim awesomeness in film and book form and the absolute crap that was Last Airbender and the absolute rad that was Inception and how Toy Story 3 inspires tears and Iron Man 2 inspires exclamations of RDJ's hotness and blogging awards and losing fans and gay BFF's and, as always, Sean Connery.

But I won't. Instead I'll just show this:

There are like a dozen of these. Which proves that even if I am a weirdo, there are others like me out there. Be afraid. Finally, to wrap the evening up, just for the hell of it:

Yeah, that just happened.


  1. Oh, that did not just happen. Keyboard Cat versus Sean Connery, it'd be a tie. Such bad reporting.

  2. Wow...summer blew by. A little premature but have a great year at school:).

    Was that cat in the director's cut of that movie 'cause I don't remember that scene???

    Thanks for the music break as well.


  3. You got awards?? Oh, wait...

    Thanks for a wonderful blogful summer, for raising my Scott Pilgrim awareness, and just for being your goofy self! Can't wait for the fall season of the blog to begin. Have fun at camp, or wherever it is you're going. ;)

  4. Simon: I don't make 'em, I just post 'em

    Ron: Thanks, have an equally awesome not-in-school year ;D

    Jacob: I will make friendship bracelets and smores


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