Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hey Remember...

A few posts ago when I hinted that now that I was back at school and handling such important tasks like classes, papers and going to walmart at 2 in the morning, posting, while still running daily would be less...filled with stuff. Welcome to that. Mostly because there's not much to tell. I'm settled in, trying to/trying not to babysit my brother and not watching too many movies as of yet (but my dad did get a hulu plus account so we can finally watch season 4 of 30 Rock). So yeah.

On the bright side, there is (finally) a new banner quote. It's an easy one but it's nonetheless one of my favorites. Also here is this because I have decided that Inception pictures forever is a good thing:

Classay. I will now go and not-sleep. 'Night!

ps. One of my roommates doesn't know to close her door when she leaves the room...or turn off her computer...or at least close the window displaying all the twilight fanfiction :D


  1. Ameer said: School of Rock! What do I win?

  2. And I thought Inception just couldn't get any better. Nice!

  3. Tumblr will open up a whole new world of funny Inception pictures.

    Twilight fanfiction. Brilliant.

  4. Ameer: You win the crappy Paint picture of your choice

    Jacob: Inception pictures, ever forever

    Simon: Once she reads this she's going to kill me XD

  5. Ameer said: I want a pic of me and you crowd-surfing concert-style through a sea of asian midgets.


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