Monday, August 9, 2010


No, I haven't seen The Kids Are All Right (but everyone else has). There's supposed to be a blog post here but I'm finishing a resume for my post-college thingy right now because I made the mistake of watching Rush Hour 2 with my brother. And I hate Rush Hour 2, Chris Tucker's high-pitched girly voice makes me hemorrhage on the inside.

"HURGLEMURGLEBEHH"...that is the sound of my internal organs revolting and trying to kill me.

But...I'd be lying if I said this wasn't funny. Mostly because of Jeremy Piven:

Jackie Chan just looks kinda confused in the bloopers

So yeah, I hate this movie. it hurts my soul but my brother loves it more than most any movie ever that isn't Hardboiled or Face/Off (he's got a man-crush for John Woo). So I watched it with him and now I gotta finish this resume because I spent ages just trying to find the right damn template for it because it needs to be PERFECT.

So...bye now.


Oh yeah. Remember my weeping for humanity dealie? FORGET THAT CRAP, I SCORED A HUNDRED FANS ON FACEBOOK!! TRIPLE DIGITS WHEEEEEEEE!! Thank you to Luis, who was number 100, and also to Erika, who was 101 shortly after, and made me feel less vulnerable in case I lose a fan.

I have decided to express my joy in the form of pirate cats

Ok, now I'm done. 'Night!

(Carter (Chris Tucker) has just helped Lee (Jackie Chan) remove a bomb from his mouth)

Me: and you know what's gonna happen next? I can tell you right now: Carter's gonna be all "Lee! Lee! Why didn't you tell me there was a bomb in your mouth, Lee?" and then Lee's gonna be like "Cart-ah! I did tell you!"


Carter: "Lee! Lee! Why didn't you tell me there was a bomb in your mouth, Lee?"

Lee: "Cart-ah! I did tell you!"

My brother: ...shut-up.


  1. you better stop hating on Rush Hour 2 (or any Rush Hour for that matter) and especially stop hating on Jackie Chan...I will find you...and bad things WILL happen.

    p.s. i know what i'll be adding to YOUR dvd collection on your next birthday...

  2. I'm Erika, so you're welcome.

    (please don't write on my Facebook, I got issues with all these assholes my sister friended me with, and I'm leading a double life here)

    Rush Hour 2 makes me weep for Jackie Chan. Did you know his first movie was a porno?

  3. Anon: for the record, I adore the shit out of Jackie Chan, I just can't stand Rush Hour because it's stupid. Whoever you may be, if you're actually someone I really know and you actually do get me Rush Hour 2 for my birthday I will bean you on the head with it :p

    Simon: I figured, but didn't say so in case you wanted it on the down-low. thanks all the same :D


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