Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some Stuff And Things (And A Horrifying Movie Poster)

God damn it, people! I am ONE FAN away from the ever-coveted 100 fans! Why must you mock me so?!?! ...Er, yeah, whatever. I don't really care. Honest.

For realsies

Let's rapidly change the subject to my brother, who considers himself some kind of music mixing...guy. Whatever they're called. He samples and makes mixes of things, things that are generally music and he recently put together a three song EP as the kids today call it and sent it out into the cold wilderness of the internet. And apparently it is not that bad as he ended up on two reputable music blogs in one day, Strictly Beats and Musical Schizophrenia.

I always knew he had talent Jon's house means no Batman means no real post means here is a badass picture of Ken Watanabe from Inception that makes me giggle:

Saito be pimpin'

Also, there is a Yogi bear movie coming out because as the bible says, "when Hell is full, the crappy CGI nostalgia films shall walk the earth"

It was either the bible or George A. Romero. I frequently confuse the two.

So yeah, a Yogi Bear movie. Maybe I'm biased because I never really dug the cartoon but the movie just looks bland, boring and kinda stupid. I don't even want to post the trailer because scientists have already concluded that watching it makes you infertile. Dan Akroyd, possibly suicidal due to the shutdown of Ghostbusters 3, voices Yogi and Justin Timberlake, for a reason I am completely unable to fathom, provides the voice for Boo Boo. So why do I even bring this up? Because they recently released a new movie poster for it, and I think I have finally found the most overtly horrifying movie poster ever created:

I am literally paralyzed with options for dirty jokes. And also fear, I'm paralyzed by that too.

I mean seriously, as if Yogi's dead-eyed grin positioned directly behind Boo Boo wasn't disturbing enough they chose the most perverse pun of a tagline humanly possible: "Great things come in bears" Why? Because Yogi doesn't know to pull out in time?

The people behind this are either raging perverts or so completely out of touch with reality that they...well, that they don't think this is dirty.

So...hard to follow up dirty cartoon bear jokes. I will now distract you with yet another Inception picture:

What? You've never seen an attractive man gaze studiously into another attractive man's crotch? Maybe you just don't get what Inception's all about

Classy blog is and always will be classy. 'Night.


  1. I still have trouble wrapping my brain around the need (or even want) for a Yogi Bear movie. I shudder to think of what the plot might be. What next? Heckle and Jeckle? Jabberjaw? Quickdraw McGraw? Oh, Hollywood! Can you really not think of anything better to do with your time and your budget?

  2. Thank you. That last photo and comment now have the neighbors thinking I'm a nutter for laughing so loud. I hope you're happy.

  3. Just post stills of Tom Hardy and JGL together on set and you'll have your fill of dirty Inception jokes. Rock n roll.

    Oh, god, it's the Smurfs teaser all over again.

  4. Jacob: it is truly mystifying

    Brenda: ha, I frightened you neighbors

    Simon: and now I'm getting Smurf teaser trailer flashbacks. Awesome

  5. I am just about to do a post inspired by that Yogi Bear poster. Trust you to have beaten me to it!


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