Friday, August 20, 2010

Every James Bond Movie With Sean Connery

Ever Forever:

The End!


  1. It was just like watching the Bond box-set. Classics.

  2. HAHAHAHA alright sooo when i got to the part of the villian I read it out loud in a russian accent XD is that messed up? hahaha! love it

  3. Bond-tastic, Ms. Money Kitty. Now shake my martini in a glass and don't you dare stir it.

  4. That's about right. You forgot the music, though.

  5. Unwashed: 'Cept my version doesn't cost 100 or so dollars, just your dignity :D

    Justin: all Russian accents are heavily encouraged

    Jacob: Shake your own dang martini, I'm doin stuff :p

    Simon: It's heavily implied that you should be humming the Bond theme under your breath while you read

  6. Tits McGEEEE??? *throws self on the floor and cackles* I loved this and I was singing Shirley Bassey tunes while reading...Unfortunately, it was the song she did with the Propellorheads! LOVE IT! YOU ROCK AND I THANK RON REED FOR POINTING ME IN YOUR DIRECTION!!

  7. :D thanks a lot. Glad you like what you see!!!


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