Monday, August 16, 2010

Been Doin'...Stuff

Hey computer compatriots, how we be this fine August evening/morning/afternoon/fuckyourtimezone? I have been busily doing, ya know, things. For instance, everything is labeled now, meaning the random crap in the sidebar, ALL 187 FREAKING POSTS, and also now there's an RSS subscribe-y mabobber too. I have no idea how it works. Also all the post labeling has given way to a massive tag cloud down there. Only venture to it if you are brave and pure of heart. Or bored.

Now, on to the banner quote. It was a tie between Deb and Unwashed who managed against all odds to each guess one of the two related movies I was thinking of when I posted the extremely vague quote up there. Deb guessed Reversal of Fortune, where the line is spoken by Jeremy Irons with much relish. Unwashed guessed The Lion King, where Jeremy Irons says the line again as a direct reference to Reversal of Fortune. So they each get a picture. And decided to be extra weird, cuz why not.

Deb asked for a picture of Batman burning the hilariously awful wig Chris Pine wore in Bottle Shock:

And Unwashed wanted Sean Connery fighting Robert Shaw (the crazy-ass shark hunting dude from Jaws) until the giant shark himself shows up. This picture forced me to learn a very valuable lesson: I draw some kick-ass sharks. Just look at that awesome shark there:

And you have to put up with just that because I'm tired and got a whole host of things to do tomorrow for school, and haven't seen any movies. But that's ok because tomorrow I will FINALLY see Scott Pilgrim. Dammit.

Also this, just because funny Inception pictures never get old:

Yeah. 'Night! :D


  1. okay quick question umm ima feel lame asking but whats bottle shock? hahah just wondering or else its going to keep me up at night that and the 12 cans of soda i had... XD

  2. Damn that shark is awesomeness in a can! Nice work.

  3. Justin: Go back like, two days, it's a movie about wines and stuff that I reviewed and in it Chris Pine wears a really, really bad wig.

    Now get some sleep!!

    Unwashed: (takes a bow)

    Jacob: Yep, photo-realistic sharks, my specialty.

  4. Nice dress up on the blog! Kinda like cleaning out the least it was for me when I spiffed mine up. No surprise That Sean is at the top of the tag bubble:)...curious about all of the catapult references???

    Love the shark!

    Be well,

  5. ... did I seriously see Scott Pilgrim BEFORE YOU?!?

  6. Dude. If you haven't seen Scott Pilgrim yet, I'm officially shunning you. Dude.

    While I'm shunning you, go on Tumblr and search Inception. Goldmine.

  7. Ron: the catapults are just for the movie reviews, since they are my scale of awesome. And yes, it is a good shark ;D

    Ashley: :p meeerrrhhh

    Simon: I've seen it, I've seen it! Not the shuuuunnn!!!


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