Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Legend of The Tsunami-BORING! Let's Watch Franklyn Instead

So yeah, last night's movie binge. First, I watched this Thai martial arts epic called Legend of The Tsunami Warrior.

There is no way this can be boring. Possibly completely insane, but not boring!

The Legend of blahblahblah tells the story of a tiny Asiatic kingdom beset by evil pirates and evil-er prince dudes. The queen and her two princess sisters are in deep shit and the only thing that can save them are some kind of magical cannons that sank to the bottom of the sea years and years ago. Also they have a bodyguard named Jarang who is all scarred up from protecting them in a bad-ass manner.

Also he split-kicks two ninjas and that is awesome

Meanwhile, there is a "sea gypsy" (their words, not mine) orphan boy named Pari, who is being trained in the art of Du Lum, which is like the Force, but with fish. Yeah. So Pari grows up to be exceptionally good-looking and wants to use his Force-powers to fight pirates and whatnot, but this only leads to the deaths of everyone in his village. And also lots and lots of implied rape. Which is icky.

As you can probably figure, Jarang, Pari and the princesses, the elder one being extremely bad-ass and the younger a weenie, team up to save the kingdom, keep the cannons from the bad guys and learn that hatred and revenge are bad because when you have and/or do these things, you're Force fish powers turn evil, you get weird black smoke tattoos and your village ends up dead and raped. And that is bad.

It sure as hell bums Pari out

There a lot of things to like about Tsunami Warrior. The sets and costumes are all really cool, the acting is actually pretty decent all around (except this one Chinese girl who is all mewling noises and irritation), and the visuals are impressive. Unfortunately, it's boring. The beginning is messy and choppy and you're not sure who your main character is supposed to be and it just kind of drags on and on as old dudes warn Pari not to use his Fish Senses for evil and the queen rambles about power. The fight scenes in between are well-staged, but considering this the same studio that gave us The Protector and Chocolate aka "Tony Jaa beats the shit out of people with elephant bones" and "dude that autistic girl just rearranged that guy's ribcage" it's disappointingly bloodless and Jarang is easily the most versed in martial arts, kicking all kinds of ass. But it just gets old after awhile and I lost interest.

You know your film is doing something wrong when you're riding a giant manta ray and I am still disinterested

So, all in all, it was a ok film that with a bit more direction, tightening, and pacing, could've been a really good one. Two and a half catapults out of five for some decent-ish epciness, and also for Pari's inclination towards loincloths. NICE.

The next movie I attempted was Franklyn, a strange British movie I have yet to properly classify.

Warning, this poster is extremely misleading, and also cooler than about 90% of the movie

Ok, I'm gonna try to keep this simple, which might be difficult since I watched this at like, one in the morning: Franklyn, a title with very little bearing on the movie, centers on four seemingly separate but (gasp!) actually intertwined stories. There's Milo, a mousy romantic who was just jilted at the altar and is moping around London, suddenly seeing his childhood sweetheart Sally in every crowded street, next is Emilia, a tortured (read: bitchy) art student who keeps attempting suicide as part of an art project. Yah. Then there's Peter, an oldish gent out looking for his son who has escaped from a mental hospital. Finally, there's Jon Preest, a vigilante in the creepiest dead-eyed mask EVER, running around a parallel world known as Meanwhile City, a crazy neo-Victorian pseudo-steampunk place where religion is mandatory, practicing his growly Batman voice and stalking cult leaders.

Got all that?

Seriously, that shit is freaky

Obviously, Captain Creepazoid in Meanwhile City sticks out as sort of random amongst the contemporary British angst but it all ties together with the help of possible hallucinations, implied abuse and a janitor who is less a character and more a poorly-written plot device.

Like Tsunami, there's a lot to like about Franklyn and a lot wrong with it as well. For one thing, the whole plot is a house of cards, you breath too hard next to it and the whole thing comes crashing down. There a bunch of big reveals that I won't ruin for you but honestly, the movie does that job for you. I mean, it doesn't take long to connect Jon Preest to the rest of the story and by the time the movie gets around to it and is all like "Ta-dah!" you're like "yeah...and?" Another issue is the characters. Milo is bland and uninteresting and the whole resolution of his subplot leaves you with more questions than answers, and not the good kind but the "you pulled this out your ass" kind. Emilia is annoying. Like, I get we're supposed to be sympathetic to her because she's this "pained artiste" but mostly she comes off as selfish and anti-social. She's played by Eva Green, who I think does a good acting job, it's seems like it's largely the material that makes her so unlikable.


Peter, the father looking for his son manages quite well to flesh out what is seriously the most underwritten character in the movie. Except maybe that damn janitor. Who might be God. Or just a janitor.

Why that doesn't sound familiar at all

So yeah, good things: Ryan Philippe is Jon Preest and my goodness is he ever attractive. Also his story of going up against his arch-rival The Individual whilst dodging "The Ministry" is by far the most interesting. Also,

Meanwhile City



It's all Gothic spires and Victorian arches smooshed in with neon lights and mohawks. So cool. The mixing of waistcoats and top hats with TVs and trucker hats is all kinds of awesome. Also the whole bit about religion being forced, but you can have whatever religion you want, which leads to things like the Seventh Day Manicurists. Basically, if the director had cut out Milo-the-weenie and Emilia-the-suicidal and just focused on Preest, it would have been a better movie. Very different, message-wise and junk, but still better, less meandering.

Still, the Meanwhile City bits are way cool, the musical score is surprisingly fantastic and Ryan Philippe is just, just really really hot.

In case you haven't figured it out by now, I'm shallow

So in the end, Franklyn nets two and three-quarter catapults out five, because it was better than Tsunami Warrior, but still a meandering bit of what-the-fuck with unresolved plot points, poorly written characters, and a subplot that would have been much cooler as the main event.

And now you know. This is Sugary Cynic, riding a manta ray and finding religion, 'night!

Emilia: "Life's too much of an adventure as it is without making anything else up"

Monday, August 30, 2010

Placeholder Poetry

Ok so it was a boring rainy Sunday spent at the mall with mi amigos testing out I-pads at the Apple Store, which is seriously the grown-up version of Toys R Us. I-pads, while serving no discernible real-world purpose, are fun as hell to play games on. Also the Sony store was showing a football game in 3D, which was actually kind of awesome. So tonight I just kind of hung out in my room and marathoned two bizarre-ass movies courtesy of Netflix: Legend of the Tsunami Warrior, a Thai fantasy epic, and Franklyn, a British I-don't-know-what. But it's late and I've got class tomorrow and Franklyn especially deserves a more in-depth review than "that shit was weird, yo" so you'll get those tomorrow. In the meantime, please enjoy this poem I discovered while cleaning out my documents folder that I totally forgot I had ever written:

An Empty Stage

Footprints in the dusty floor
Immortalized forevermore
From when we made our final stand
I still recall your waving hand

The smile that danced across your face
And the tears, they left no trace
Moved like I was in a trance
Seconds were years in the time we danced

You whispered softly in my ear
That there was nothing else to fear
Nothing you had left to chance
So you claimed in that last dance

And though the steps are long since past
I’ve finally made it back at last
Can almost hear that soft refrain
And yet the footprints still remain

Saturday, August 28, 2010

There Is No Funny Pun For 200

200th post! Whooo! Seem to come a lot faster than my 100th, go figure. So ya know, wheee. Unfortunately, unlike my 100th post Sean Connery extravaganza, I don't really have anything planned for it. I have recovered sufficiently from my cocoon of angst. I have decided to replace emo whiny stupidity with AWESOME.


What? Me? Bitter? Crazy talk. Crazy, I say!

Yeah I'm over it. Replaced angst with hangover and such. Also waffles. Waffles are awesome at helping you get over crap. So...200 hundred posts over not-quite-eight months. Dang and such. I feel like there's something profound I should be saying right now...

But I can't stop thinking about Maple Pecan waffles

So today, while accompanying some friends to the magical land of Target, we discovered something truly frightening:

Say hello to the most offensive alarm clock ever

You press the button the top and you get seven different insanely stereotypical incredibly offensive voices: Johnny Cochran claiming "if the snooze button gets hit, outta bed you must git!", Marlon Brando making you an offer you can't refuse to get out of bed, an Italian asking you to get up and give him a canoli while you're up, an extremely gay voice going "GOOD MOOOOOOORRRRRNIIIIIING!!", a redneck voice, a weird sleazy Spanish voice, and a husky French voice coaxing you sexily out of bed.

What. The. Hell. Is there an expansion pack with a drunk Scottish dude, stuttering Woody Allen, and stoned Jamaican guy telling you to wake up? Who thought it was a good idea? Thinking about this too long is hazardous to your health.

I wish this was a more impressive 200th post, but I had been planning 100th for ages, and this one just kind of snuck up on me. So yeah. Before I go, I want to give mention to a new blog from Simon at Four Of Them. Simon and sibling have created the future site of all digital mustache appreciation: Mustache Hall Of Fame. It's brand-spanking new but with the furry-faced firsts Teddy Roosevelt and Chuck Norris, they're off to a good start.

And now, to sign off and commemorate my 200th post, an attempted combination of any running joke I have ever done:


Friday, August 27, 2010

Game Over

I didn't make it to Round 2.

Time to suck it up, press restart and try again.

I want to be all like

But right now I can't get past

A Resurgence of Random

Long, long ago...around six or so months ago, I used to have theme days. One of them was Friggin' Random Friday. While this is technically Thursday's post, it's the wee hours of Friday over here and I'm feeling random so deal with it.

(Also Ameer and Deb, I know I owe you pictures but I be tired and/or lazy right now, but they'll be up soon. and they will be so rad your eyeballs will spontaneously immolate from the sheer amount of awesome)

So, in the morning I'll get my results for round one of my application (the one I've been freaking out over since the summer months). I'm freaking out. Like a lot. And everyone says, "well there's nothing you can do, so why get all weird about something you have no control over?"


It's not your future, it's not your deal, it's not your fucking problem. It's my prerogative to melt into a puddle of worry and anticipation if I want to! And telling me I have no control over it does not somehow make me feel better. Does that work in any other situation?

Pilot: "Oh no! The plane's crashing, we're all gonna die and it's my fault!!!"

Dude: "Hey guy, chill out. It's not like you can do anything about it, why worry about something you can't control?"

I'm not over reacting, am I?

So I had ordered these movies from Netflix, this Canadian cop comedy Bad Cop, Bon Cop that was recommended to me, and also that Simon Pegg movie, How To Lose Friends And Alienate People, but even though I changed my address to my dorm, Netflix still sent the movies to my parent's house. So no movies. Thanks Netflix.

Hulu Plus loves me more anyway, it gives* me season 4 of 30 Rock!!

*For a fee and also interspersed with a totally not-intrusive eight hours of commercials for Allstate with Dean Winters being...weird.

Get Allstate insurance, because you never know when some washed-up actor will come do weird shit to your car with his silly pink sunglasses

So I found what may be the greatest Tumblr blog ever. EVER. It's called Hungover Owls and it's literally picture after picture of owls looking like they had a rough night with adorably cranky captions to go with them. Go and enjoy it with your eye-parts.

I'm trying to make a pun but I just keep going "Awww! That owl had too much tequila!"

Finally, I'm a bit behind on this one, but for all you Scott Pilgrim fans that are hollow and directionless now that the movie's out and the last book is done, here's an animated short that Adult Swim put together that covers Scott Pilgrim in high school from Book 2 (and yeah, the actors from the movie do their voices!):

It makes me want an animated Scott Pilgrim series. SO BADLY.

And that's it. By the next post I'll either be celebrating, or drowning myself in an endless river of sorrow. Or maybe just moping. Wish me luck or something. Or give me a puppy. Puppies rock. 'Night!

"Postmodernism is a slatternly floozy" -Dr. Hess, our new Literature professor

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yep, everyone's favorite Scottish bad-ass turned the big 8-0 today! And of course here at Sugary Cynicism, where Sean Connery is God, Zeus, Jehovah, Ganesh and whatever religions I can't be bothered to remember but also wish to offend, all rolled up into one cranky old kilt-wearin' mofo, this is important. Over the 8 or so months this blog has been alive, I've reviewed literally dozens of his movies (working on all of them), brought you random-ass fan videos, proof that he talk-sings like William Shatner, and various examples of why he is a PNTFW (Person Not To be Fucked With). And now it's his birfday!

He doesn't need a birthday wish, but just for good measure, he stole one of yours, and yes, it was the wish you made for a pony

Ya know, I get that idolizing Sean Connery is a bit weird. And it doesn't mean I'm blind to his flaws, such as certain misogynistic prick tendencies, or the insanity of turning down the role of Gandalf in favor Allan Quartermain. But in the end, he's just a dude, and dude's are flawed and fucked up just like the rest of us. Does that make it ok? Eh, the jury's out, but in lieu of Megan Fox, Ashton Kutcher or even Sylvester Stallone, I'll take Sean Connery, ancient but still a raging bad-ass who could give a shit what anyone thinks and can turn any terrible, ridiculous role into something entertaining, who can manage to look scary even in a bear suit, and who when he makes a bad movie, makes the BEST bad movie. And he'll always be 007 and Daddy Jones to me.

Happy B-day, Mr. Bond.

"Love may not make the world go round, but I must admit that it makes the ride worthwhile" -Sean Connery

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mall Moochery

Watching 20 minutes of Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs on a massive 3D TV: 0$

Mmmmmmmm, Three dimensions

Becoming a Godiva chocolate club member and getting a free piece of chocolate every month: 0$ (But you do get some dirty looks from the cashier)

Gazing fondly at maple pecan waffle mix at Williams-Sonoma: 0$ (the heartache!)

Chai mate tea samples at Teavana: 0$ (and if you wait around til closing time you get a free cup of the rest of the tea)

A tea-set and half a pound of tea: ...like, 70 bucks

Your share: 15$ :D

Sniffing things in Bath and Body Works: 0$ (Everyone's doing it. Don't you want to be one of the cool kids?)

Laughing at the ridiculous over-priced hipster crap at Anthropologie: Priceless

"They're how much?!" (Sound of someone laughing so hard they start to choke)

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's being a broke-ass college student cruising the mall for free things.

(At Anthropologie)
Zeke: "Look at the cashier, is he still talking to himself?"

Me: "...Yes. Yes he is"

Zeke: "Yeah, I looked at him and thought he was singing along to the music they're playing and then I realized...no."

Hey Remember...

A few posts ago when I hinted that now that I was back at school and handling such important tasks like classes, papers and going to walmart at 2 in the morning, posting, while still running daily would be less...filled with stuff. Welcome to that. Mostly because there's not much to tell. I'm settled in, trying to/trying not to babysit my brother and not watching too many movies as of yet (but my dad did get a hulu plus account so we can finally watch season 4 of 30 Rock). So yeah.

On the bright side, there is (finally) a new banner quote. It's an easy one but it's nonetheless one of my favorites. Also here is this because I have decided that Inception pictures forever is a good thing:

Classay. I will now go and not-sleep. 'Night!

ps. One of my roommates doesn't know to close her door when she leaves the room...or turn off her computer...or at least close the window displaying all the twilight fanfiction :D

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vlogamjig (For Reals)

All the magic of yesterday, today!

Note: This was, for whatever reason, a pain in the ass to upload and get to work right for whatever reason, and the end result isn't terribly funny and youtube raped the quality so if you hate it, take heart, I'm probably not doing it again.

Also I went and saw Scott Pilgrim again and it was WONDERFUL.

Vlogamjig (Coming Soon)

It's like a blog, but with video and also magic. And ponies.

But it's taking too long to put together and its after 2. So wait til tomorrow. Impatient bastards (not you, of course. We're still cool, right?)

In the meantime:

Proving once and for all that I am not the weirdest fan out there

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Packin' Music

Music to box up all your crap to:

All packed up. Now all that's left is to schlep all this shit up to school. Wheeee. Expect silliness or rampant half-assery. Or both. Probably both. I feel like I should say something deep or whatever about the summer time, about museums and Frenchmen and babysitting and deranged old women and con-geeks who shower every other full moon and the hundredth blog post and the hundredth Facebook fan and Scott Pilgrim awesomeness in film and book form and the absolute crap that was Last Airbender and the absolute rad that was Inception and how Toy Story 3 inspires tears and Iron Man 2 inspires exclamations of RDJ's hotness and blogging awards and losing fans and gay BFF's and, as always, Sean Connery.

But I won't. Instead I'll just show this:

There are like a dozen of these. Which proves that even if I am a weirdo, there are others like me out there. Be afraid. Finally, to wrap the evening up, just for the hell of it:

Yeah, that just happened.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hey! Hey, You! No, The One Behind You!

A little to the left...no, the one in the blue! Yes, you! Stop looking at me all goofy-like, I do mean you. Your fly is undone.

So have you ever listened to something for awhile, like an audio-book or something for an extended period of time and the afterwards realized your inner-monologue or what-have-you sounds like the voice you've been listening to? Everything from "my butt itches" to "ghee wiz that man/woman/ambiguously gendered tentacled beast is attractive!" is now in this person's voice? A situation where say, (hypothetically) you watched a crap-ton of Eddie Izzard stand-up and now everything from the email you're reading, "If you continue to follow Mr. Bale home we will be forced to contact the police..." to your inner musings of, "If I were on a desert island with Michael Cera, I wonder how long it would be before I resorted to beaning him on the head with a coconut and using his inert body as a life raft? At least 20 minutes" sounds like:

No? Nobody? Yeah well, me neither! It was test! That all of you passed! Except the weirdos that didn't and they will be properly shunned! Or stoned. Or both. Probably both.

As you may or may not be able to tell, I'm a tad loopy, which is due to the fact that I have stopped sleeping and also because I am mad tired from helping take the boy up to college for freshman move-in day and get him set up. (sniffles) My li'l (6 foot 2) guy :'(

(Sure we're going to the same school and I'll be back up there in three days to move my crap in, but it's much more fun being melodramatic)

School. Yeah. Expect less epicly long posts dissecting the various telling facial tics of Sean Connery and also every instance of homo-eroticism in a Brad Pitt film (actually, that's not a bad idea) and more crap like this:

Why? Because I am going to be a senior at what is the nerdiest school in Florida, and also Georgia just because. It's been proven. There were tests. As a senior, if I want to graduate on top of completing all the necessary credits, blahblahblah, I have to write a FIFTY PAGE THESIS (English major, wheeeee), which is going to be on the graphic novel, Watchmen and 18th century British poetry. Because even that is more academically credible than Sean Connery. However, anyone planning a Bio major might wanna look this over:

He's discovered the fountain of youth! Or at least the fountain of indeterminate old age!

...I was supposed to do something, wasn't I?

Oh yeah, Lucky Number Slevin!

I see no way this could go wrong

So Lucky Number Slevin, which is a pain to type out, is one of those movies that shows you one story and then goes "naw man, it's actually this" kind of like Usual Suspects expect the magic gotcha twist in Lucky Number Slevin is extremely obvious and also it has Josh Hartnett in a towel, which is more than I can say for Keyser Soze.

My jokes are funnier when you've seen the movies I make reference to

So, Josh "half naked for a third of the film" Hartnett plays Slevin, an unfortunate young man who has a condemned apartment, a cheating girlfriend and no job. He goes to stay at his friend Nick's place and discovers a few interesting things:

1. Nick does not seem to be around

2. This might have something to do with the fact that he owes "The Boss" (Morgan Freeman) almost a hundred thousand dollars and "The Rabbi" (Ben Kingsley) another few thousand

But this pales in comparison to:

3. His next door neighbor is Lucy Liu

So yeah, for whatever reason, both The Boss and The Rabbi (rival gangsters who spend their days glaring at each other from their respective headquarters...that are across the street from each other) both seem inclined to believe that Slevin is Nick and force him to do bad things to each other to pay off his debt.

Slevin seems weirdly cool with all this, which is only mentioned in a throwaway line of dialogue by Lucy Liu but it's a pretty big tip-off that Slevin might be more than a hot dude with a broken nose who doesn't know when to stop being a smart-ass. This goes a long way to spoiling the twist ending. Way to go movie.

Also, Bruce Willis plays a dude named Mr. Goodkat who lurks in the high-rise headquarters of both baddies and is connected to Slevin in some way. Also his hair is silly.

John McClane, meet John McComb-over

So, violence ensues, gunfights happen, plots unfold, identities are revealed and everyone speaks in snappy, rapid-fire dialogue you wish was a part of your everyday life. It does nothing new, but it at least makes the old stuff fun. Plus, with Lucy Liu and Josh Hartnett, there's something for everyone! Even you, small percentage of people inexplicably attracted to Ben Kingsley.

Here at Sugary Cynicism, we don't judge. Out loud, anyway.

Three out five catapults for some extremely quotable lines and a free towel show. I suppose I should go start packing. Tomorrow I go see Jon's show, Evil Dead: The Musical! How awesome a horror musical is it? It has a splash zone. This is Sugary Cynic hunting for her theater-going poncho, 'night!

The Boss: (examining Slevin's recently re-broken nose) "I bet it was that mouth that got you that nose"

Personal Evening/Gettin' Old And Crap

Takin' my liddle baby brudder up to college tomorrow, crazay. Then I gotta get ready to go for my LAST YEAR. Crazay-er. There was going to be a movie review here but alas, now there is not. I claim a personal day and will be back tomorrow waxing nostalgically about how when Jared was little he used to put red shorts on his head and claim to be Super Mario. Those were the days :D Also there will be a review of Lucky Number Slevin, which I finally bothered to watch after my friend at school spent two years yelling at me to watch it. I am nothing if not lazy. For now I will sit back and feel all old and stuff.

Why yes, we are the most awesome siblings ever


Jared: "You don't understand! I'm gonna go and turn the campus upside down! And that song's gonna play, 'Got to be real!'"

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sugary Cynic Lesbians Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Hell yeah I do. So hard.

So yeah, Scott Pilgrim is a Canadian slacker fake-dating a highschooler named Knives because it's easy when suddenly a pink-haired American girl is skating through his dreams. Literally. This girl is Ramona Flowers and her and Scott connect and begin to date. There's just a few problems: 1. Knives doesn't know this, and 2. All of Ramona's evil ex-exes have formed a league set on murdering any new boyfriend Ramona tries to have. So if Scott wants any peace in his relationship, bitch has to man up and kick some ex-ass.

And also win the battle of the bands to get a record deal.

And put up with his snarky gay roommate who is much smarter than him.

And his sister to whom his snarky gay roommate gossips to.

And his own evil ex, who's now a rockstar

...And also, ya know, tell Knives they're broken up.

Good luck with that

The things the movie does right:

The whole feel is...it's just right, ya know?

Nearly all the characters are perfect analogs to the books. Especially the aforementioned gay roommate, Wallace Wells. I was worried they would tone him down but he is hilarious and wonderful and I think I might love Kieran Culkin now. Also Chris Evans as the movie star ex, Lucas Lee, Ellen Wong as Knives Chau and Aubrey Plaza as the bitchtastic Julie Powers are basically walking talking versions of the comic book characters, maybe even a little better.

Remember how I was all scared that Micahel Cera would ruin Scott Pilgrim? ...He was good! Still a bit of the mumbly awkward dude but he's crawled out of his shell a bit to play Scott and it really shows. Also his fight scenes ROCKED.

Great gags that were not in the books: Multiple guys waking up in Scott and Wallace's bed, a Bollywood fight sequence and a scene devoted to spoofing Seinfeld. (Glee!!!!)

This the closest and best melding of "videogame movie" you have ever seen

Half the lines are verbatim from the comic, and I can't think of any classics that didn't make it, from the l-word to the sexy phase to punching Scott's life in the face

The way Edgar Wright decided to deal with the Nega-Scott was brilliant

My brother has never read the books but he loved the hell out of it. Possibly because he got all the videogame references

Like 20,00 other awesome things I can't even think of right now

What the movie gets wrong:

I am not so much a fangirl that I cannot recognize wrongdoing! In this case, both Kim Pine the drummer and Envy Adams the evil rockstar ex are decimated characterwise. the actors are pretty good, doing the best with what they've got but even though, apart from Ramona, they're the girls that have the biggest impact on Scott's life, they are relegated to the background as Kim becomes a monotone snarker and Envy as a character feels more like a plot device.

The movie's ending is different from the books, which is understandable, seeing as Bryan Lee O'Malley was still working on book 6 when they were filming. The basic outcome is still the same but the road to getting there is really different. The problem with this is that because certain elements are shuffled around and changed, Ramona becomes like, bitch squared. Her character is seriously kind of an asshole now. My brother was all like, "why's Scott trying so hard to get with her? She's a bitch" and all I could say was "not in the books...mostly" Hell, I kinda wanted him to end up with Knives, whose movie version is just adorable.

So really only two quibbles, but they're pretty big ones, especially Ramona's characterization because what's the point in pursuing her when she's a raging bitch? Still, it's not enough to make dislike a movie that is so visually, stylistically, and character-ically(?) fun. All in all it's a blast from start to finish, the fights are insane and it's a great ride. Which is what is should have been, so I'm happy. Four and a half catapults for a summer movie to remember!

Now git!

Scott: "Ramona...I'm in lesbians with you!"

(the other "L word" Scott!)

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