Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sleep Is For Quitt-KITTEN!!

I've been going through a bad patch lately in the sleep department. I go through phases of insomnia where I'm just not tired, or if I do sleep it's all restless and twisty and I wake up with my sheets wrapped around me like a straitjacket. It's like back at school when I never slept except that was because of papers and deadlines so apart from unhealthy amounts of caffeine I also had pure fear-drenaline keeping me awake. Now, with no real responsibilities and a job you could show up for drunk and also possibly naked, I have no fear-drenaline! And also drink less coffee ever since I went the hospital for an anxiety attack some time ago (before I started this blog). So I just kinda drift and I have a hard time focusing on...stuff.

Like Netflix brought me Steamboy and I love that movie but I was antsy watching it and was thinking stuff like

I want that wheelie thing

Was whoever caught Al Gore cheating on his wife an Inconvenient Sleuth?

I need to get a car wash. What if I got a car wash from Wash?

"I gave it a wax too! Hah-HA! Mine is an evil laugh!"

Mine is an obscure and nerdy joke! (Firefly, mofos, look it up)

The theme from 30 Rock is stuck in my head (doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-DOO!) Probably shouldn't have watched a whole season in a week. I hear Alec Baldwin saying my thoughts now in his weird gruff-whisper thing he does for Jack on the show

"I have to pee. I should get up and pee. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is just adorable. But no one had dimples like Heath Ledger...I should pee now"

What if the Hunt For Red October was The Hunt For Red Panda?

In the interest of full disclosure this was my brother's joke

I should sleep, but I worry about things, like the methane bubble of death in the Gulf, (it's a thing, Google it), paying student loans and also Ke"dollarsign"ha and Justin Biber Beibber Bibbler Beaver.

Do you think Dumbledore put up with Haggard's striking incompetence and reckless endangerment of students because he thought he was hot?

"Er, Professor? You're getting mighty close there..."

"Just live in the moment, Hagrid. Live in the moment,"

Makes sense to me.

Ya know what's a funny word? Impunity. Say it all stretched out and like you're a snooty person: Impuuuuuuunitaaay. Hee.

Jon and I are writing a musical about high school. It involves Drama classes, Color Guard, alcoholic teachers, Snuggies, physics and decapitation. I think it has a lot of potential.

...If I can very clearly see Keith Richards waving at me enthusiastically, is that a sing that I should go to bed? Probably. This is Sugary Cynic saying "Sassafras would be a funny word too but I'm not sure it's a real word" 'Night! (maybe)


  1. curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

  2. I love this blog!~ It give personality to the voices in My oops I mean... your head!

  3. Ameer (not Tohamy) said: One night I couldn't sleep so I actually came up with my own high school musical a while back. If you want, you can use my song "Black Friend", thats all I remember.

  4. JGL is adorable.

    (this is not a cute nickname, his name is long and cumbersome and annoying to type)


    A lot of the names in Joss Whedon shows are in some way related to nature, aren't they? Wash (water), River, Willow, Tara (like that plantation in Gone With The Wind), that demon chick who I can't remember, Buffy probably means something in some phonetically-similar language, Sierra (Mist, bitches), Topher reminds me of Tofu, etc...

    You, sir, have sparked a thousand Humbledore fanfics. You're worse than Helen.

    (but I gave them the name. Who's the real monster?)

    I was in the hospital for some pussy not-even-in-half broken wrist. When I was nine. Twas traumatic.

    Alec Baldwin freaks me out. He reminds me of Stephen, and Mel Gibson a little.

    In your musical, add something about rabid psuedo-vampires. It's topical.

    And have a number about that time between buses arriving and homeroom. That's when shit gets real.

    I'm out of weird things to say. So:


  5. Morose: Rwar! (dino noises)

    Muffins: :D tis what I aim for

    Ameer: oh heck yes, dude (also you have way too much free time)

    Simon: DUDE I broke my wrist when I was 9 too!! MYSTERIOUS. Also Humbledore may be the best/most horrific slash name/pairing ever. Awesome


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