Thursday, July 8, 2010

An Insight To The Process

Hello internet, how are things? Me? I am good, just feeling the money twist. I deposited my paycheck and was all like "wheee!" but tomorrow I have to go the eye doctor and get rechecked and also new glasses cuz my old ones snapped like the pelvis of the elderly as they attempt to exit a warm bath (too much?) and it's gonna cost out the wazoo. To be honest, I'm not sure what exactly a wazoo is, but rest assured, it will cost out of it.

So I'm listed on this thingy called The Blog Farm and they're having this best post contest and the winner gets a featured post mabobber. Anyway, as my best recent post I went with my review of Toy Story 3 because the content was not reliant on me putting Sean Connery's head on Edward Cullen's body and also it had the least amount of swears. Anyway, if you want to be my best friend and get to play with my rocket-skates, you'll head over and vote for my post by picking the amount of stars you feel it deserves. There are six other really great posts in the contest that you should check out as well. So vote, and I'll be sure to remember that you did so when I finally snap :D

Tonight's post is to give you insight into the creative process behind each blog post...yes there's a creative process! Don't look at me like that. And now for a peek behind the curtain...

Hmmm...what do I talk about tonight? Guh, I'm tired and nothing amusing happened. I watched District B13 Ultimatum but that sucked. First was one was great. Much less talking and dumb plot, much more running around and kicking things. But I can't say that, that's not a review, that sounds stupid. I don't wanna sound stupid...ok, it's too late for that but I don't wanna sound stupid-er. Lessee, God I hate those stupid day camp kids at work, always chanting down the hallways, getting that crap stuck in my head

Hi my name is Irritating Bratface and you know what I got?
I got a group that's hotter than hot!
Batman and Superman, can't have a group like Other Bratface can!

>.< make it go away! Batman and Superman in a camp group would be funny. Batman would be all like "I don't wanna do arts and crafts, I drew a picture of my parent's grisly murder using scented markers" Batman could kick Superman's ass. He's such a dweeb. Dweeb's a funny word. Or what if they were gonna fight and then got lost in each other's eyes and made out?

(Googles Batman and Superman slash pictures)

(quickly closes the tab and checks email)

So...superheroes at summer camp. Well Tony Stark would be

(Googles pictures of Batman and Iron Man, bookmarks several)

Focus! Right, so, I wonder if there'll ever be a chance of a World's Finest movie? That'd be awesome. There was that one fake ad for it in I Am Legend. That was such a cocktease. Where's that picture?

(spends 10 minutes trying to find a clip of the scene, realizes she wanted a picture, feels retarded, then spends another 10 minutes looking for a decent, high quality picture of it, tries to put her head on Will Smith's body in Paint, keeps screwing it up, gives up after 25 minutes, panics in realization that she hasn't written anything)

Shit! And it's getting late. Um...

(Spends 30 minutes reading various webcomics)


Ok, ok, ok. I need an idea, something funny and easy but not too obviously easy. Something clever that doesn't involve superheroes in strange but intriguing love situations, or summer camp. I could go meta, maybe blog about blogging. Yeah! ...No, that's stupid.

And there you have it. Now you know. Finally, I have a new banner quote for Guess The Banner Quote aka Find One That Jacob Won't Guess In Five Minutes. Good luck (you bastard)! And I'm spent. This is Sugary Cynic working for the weekend, 'night!

(After finding out one of the most horrible little children was leaving)
Boss lady: But what will we do without him? ...I will save so much money on Excedrin!


  1. I feel like I've seen behind the curtain.

    And that's a quote from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I think.

  2. Um...

    I'd guess, but now I'm surious about this Batman/Superman business...

  3. Unwashed: That's a bingo! At least it's a new winner this time lol, your prize is a shitty Paint picture of your choosing

    Simon: Yeah...

  4. Aww, someone beat me to it. Serious, though. You think you would've stumped me on a Zaphod Beeblebrox quote? Puh-leaze!

  5. I'd like a shitty paint picture of The Crow being verbally abused by Michael J. Fox, please.


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