Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Don't Have Anything To Write About

I went to work, grocery shopping, came home and watched a crap-ton of 30 Rock. And honestly, with general readership down and the following/fanpage being all stagnant-y, it's hard to be motivated. Which of course is a vicious cycle in and of itself because if I write tiny, lazy posts then of course my numbers are going to go nowhere. But when have I ever bothered with proper logic?!

(The answer is never)

So two weird things happened at work today, which is slightly disappointing in comparison to yesterday's like, seven weird things. Today, when we put an old Thomas the Train video on to make this one little boy stop screaming, I learned the wacky old narrator of the train's adventures was GEORGE CARLIN.

Ok, that is the Carlin we know and love. Now hang on to your hats if you happen to be wearing any...

AGH! It's like some kind of elaborate joke! I kept waiting the whole time the video was on for him to bust some "cocksucker motherfucker etc. etc." it was like some kind of weird torture! So is this common knowledge? Am I the last one to learn this? My mind, she is blown.

Also, during my afternoon shift at the front desk, when members come in to work out, you scan their membership card and all their info pops up on the computer. So I scan this one guy, average looking, maybe thirty. He goes through the door and I go to clear his info off the screen and froze. His name was Jared(unimportant) S. Morgenstern. For those of you currently not having a geektastic seizure, you had a horribly deprived childhood:

(aside: this is the first time I ever coded a video to start at a specific time. Big deal for a normal person? No. For spazzy me? Yes!)

And really that's it. But isn't it enough? ...Maybe? ...Possibly?

"May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house" -George Carlin


  1. I don't miss a thing here, even though I don't always make a comment. But I think vacations are screwing with readership and comments. Me? I'm just moody, overworked, and trying to do more projects than I can reasonably manage.

    My suggestion: Try posting once every other day, or make shorter, more focused posts. Or branch out and start a new blog for just movie stuff, like a spinoff (Sugary Cynic's Movie Memorandum!, or whatever). Seriously, your posts are like 3 blogs in 1 most of the time. I think a lot of readers have ADD or something cuz the most active blogs usually have short, stupid posts that can be read in a minute or so.

    Or what do I know? I just post whatever I feel like when I feel like it. As long as somebody makes a comment, I'm happy enough to do it again.

  2. Stopping by to let you know I have moved to a new domain. You can see me at
    I have numerous giveaways, polls, and contests. Here is the sad part, with my move it appears I have lost all my comments. So if you have entered into anything I actually need you to zoom back and re-comment. If you havent entered into any of them, what are you waiting for? Get your butt over there!! HA!
    Site is under construction so please be patient.
    Stay Fabulous

  3. Don't lose the faith, Sugar. If you build it, they will come.

    Over here, "Thomas the Train" is called "Thomas the Tank-Engine", and was originally narrated by Ringo Starr.

    And I would've squealed at the S.Morgenstern thing, myself.

  4. Jacob: I think my posts are like 3 in 1 because of the ADD lol, I can't focus on one topic. I've thought about dialing it back to every other day or something but I have the stubbornness thing because a friend told me there was no way I could do one a day and I feel like I have to be right >_<

    Chara Lynn: -.- even if it is useful to know you're moving, please don't post copy/paste ads for your blog in my comments section

    Unwashed: I knew about Ringo Starr, and I was reading that Alec Baldwin apparently did some time as narrator too. Weird. Also, glad to know I'm not the only one to get excited over finding an S. Morgenstern lol


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