Monday, July 26, 2010

Highlights of Geekfest '10 Part 1


I am back from Metrocon and I can barely see straight. Wheeeee... Because of that, the grand and awesome finale of Sugary Cynic's New Top Idol will be up...soon. At some point. In the future. That is not now. Also Rich's sacrilege Paint picture. So, let's look around here, not much seems changed, my Robert Downey Jr. shrine is intact, no one got fingerprints on my html, I seem to have lost a Facebook fan (*sniffle**sniffle*) and also The Great White Dope (jesus, that's a long name) of The Great White Dope's Mecha-Blogzilla (ok, I can't handle this without acronyms or something) gave me another Versatile Blogger award! And it's even sweeter the second time around because I still haven't bothered to look up what versatile actually means. Not to demean TGWD (there we go), thank you so much, receiving things from anyone is awesome and receiving an award from you is doubly awesome because I love your blog, but I'm going to fall asleep sometime in the next five minutes while struggling to type this, so if someone desperately wants to see the seven facts and links to other bloggers of versatility, for right now, I direct you to my first versatility award.

Thanks again, Great White Dope! You are like a pinata filled awesomeness....not sure where that came from...

MOVING ON! Because I knew I'd be completely braindead, I took the liberty of writing down notes of all the crazy shit that happened to make things easier on myself. NOTES! You guys don't appreciate me enough. HERE ARE METROCON DORK HIGHLIGHTS!!!

Stuff I spent too much money on:

A stuffed Final Fantasy Moogle

A crapton of kick-ass Steampunk jewelry

Vinyl stickers for computer (The Batman symbol and also the logo for Stark Industries)

An Earthbound poster for my brother

This cool thing in artist's alley where they take a picture you in your costume and re-draw it to make it look exponentially more cartoony and awesome. I will scan it in as soon as I have access to a scanner.


So yeah, bedecked in geekery. My costume was what could best be called "Last Minute Steampunk Pirate" thrown together after I found I was going a week before the actual con. So yeah. There were all kinds of costumes, some cool, some horribly horribly wrong and some meant for the body type of a person half their size. What was interesting was for all of the Narutos and Deadpools and that blonde kid from Fullmetal Alchemist, there were some truly original (and terrifying costumes). For instance, there was Billy Mayes, back from the dead to show con goers the power of Oxykick, and then also Rufio from Hook...yeah, that Hook.

Is there seriously a fandom for the punk kid from the Robin Williams Peter Pan movie?

The cutest thing ever though was a family all done up like characters from Miyazaki's latest, Ponyo. It was SO CUTE. The Dad and Mom were Fujimoto the wizard and his "wife" this fish goddess chick. And they had a little boy dressed as Sosuke with a little captain's hat in the red wagon they use as a boat in the movie with a teeny little girl dressed as Ponyo in there with him. I got almost as excited as when I see a puppy yawn.

There's still a lot more to talk about, including a martial movie about an autistic girl with the confusing name of Chocolate (the movie, not the girl), meeting the voice of Wolverine, Piccolo and...Grumpy the Carebear? Flaming hoops of death, singing samurais and the strange gap in reality known as Bartow. But it's after 1:30 and I have work tomorrow so "nyah". This is Sugary Cynic, who would be more insecure about her loss of fans if she wasn't hallucinating the Joker dancing a jig with Optimus Prime...or did that actually happen at the con? ...what was I saying? Oh yeah, good night!

"Well, obviously voicework is all about sleeping with the right people..." -Kirby Morrow, voice of Goku from Dragonball Z, Michelangelo from Ninja Turtles and Captain someone or other on Stargate Atlantis


  1. I must get into one of these things.

    Also, Facebook is a fickle mistress.

  2. But beware the unwashed, obese, nerdy weirdo that will run up and hug you without consent if you're dressed like their favorite character >.< ewww



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