Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Versatile Bloggery/Banner Shenanigans

Random Thought of the Day: It's funny when large chunks of cast from another movie or series end up together in a completely different one. I don't mean like Tarantino or Coen bros where they have a group of actors they like best, I mean completely random. The best examples I can think of are The Pagemaster and Valkyrie (because disparity is fun!). Ok, so first Pagemaster: Captain Picard as the Adventure book (I never knew for the longest time, sounds nothing like him), Spock as Dr. Jekyll, and whoever Whoopi Goldberg played as the Fantasy book = Unofficial Star Trek reunion! (Whoopi Goldberg was totally on Star Trek at one point, sick, right?)

Before we (we being me, my brother, Ashley and her sister) saw Valkyrie in theaters, Ashley's sister jokingly asked if Tom Cruise was a pirate nazi because of the eye-patch. Har har. It was only later, after we saw that the movie had Gibbs, Beckett, and Davie Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean, that calling it a pirate nazi movie wasn't that far off.

Moving on! Apparently, according to That Which Is Simon on Four of Them, I am the blogging equivalent of David Bowie. In that I am versatile as opposed to a occasionally bi-sexual transvestite glam rock star (though I could be, if given the opportunity).

I'm like a Subaru Outback that way...

All righty, now that I have properly basked in my glory (which is glorious), and also proved that I am fairly certain I don't know what versatile actually means, I must not only select other bloggers of equal versatility but also write seven random facts, so Simon, thank you and also because I have to write fact-things, this:

This is one of the babies at my work. I call her the Godfather and have a strong suspicion she is Marlon Brando reincarnated

Ok, lessee, I feel like the following bloggers might be capable of morphing into transformers (that's what versatile means, right?)

If I Had A Blog

A Life in Equinox
And I would have also put The Lotus Sutra Chronicles but she has apparently been launched into deep space or is otherwise no longer existent :(

There ya go, dudes. Know that you are versatile.

As for the seven facts, what's left? I've shared everything with you weirdos! Ok, guess I have to get kinda personal. Here goes:

1. I went back in time and high-fived Aristotle, turns out he prefers the fist-bump.

2. Steve Jobs stole the idea for I-pods from me. I said "I wish all my music came in a magical tiny box with an apple on it" and he ran away giggling maniacally.

3. I can rub my stomach and pat a wildebeest at the same time.

4. I invented the spork.

5. My middle name is AwesomepantsMcGee, it's from my grandmother.

6. I just gave you scurvy.

7. My tears are made of caramel.

And now you know.

One final item: Every week or so I'll be changing the tagline on m banner-mabob to a different movie quote, some classic, some horrifically obscure. First person to guess the quote's origins correctly wins an awesome prize! (I don't know what it is exactly, but rest assured it will be awesome). So get on that! This is SugaryCynic saying "I have filled you with scurvy, go eat an orange" 'night!

(out of nowhere and for no goddamn reason, the old lady at the babysitting says)

Lorraine: "My damn prosthetic is too big, it keeps slipping. Lemmee know if it looks like I only have one boob"

Me: *silence of utter horror*


  1. Um, can I just say I love your Space Balls reference up top there?

    I'm sorry, I have nothing truly productive to say about your post. It doesn't need extra words.

  2. raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachael!

    :D also I suppose you win "guess the banner quote" for this week :p

  3. If you cry caramel, I might be influenced to punch you in the face. Don't advertise that fact, sir.

  4. Congrats on acquiring a new JPEG, and on your versatility. I guess that means you can blog more than once(?). May the Shwartz be with you.

  5. To Megan:

    Now the real question is, which Rachael?

  6. Simon: too bad that, like the great Chuck Norris, I NEVER WEEP.

    Jacob: Thanks much. versatility, transform and roll out!

    Rachael: ...shit. you called my bluff ^_^; but since rachael c. commented on the facebook page, I shall make an edumacated guess and say that's you


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