Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sure He's A Writer, But He Prefers To Be Called A Dreameaver

I am supposed to be reviewing an excellent movie I saw recently called Game Six, with Michael Keaton and Robert Downey Jr. That will happen tomorrow, most likely along with a review of Let The Right One In, assuming I can gain control of the TV long enough to watch it. In the meantime, I accomplish nothing because I CANNOT STOP WATCHING THIS THING, PLEASE HELP MEEEE,

(There are six episodes total and you can find them all on Youtube, but you can't embed them, that's why that's a google video)

"I'm not Jesus Christ...I've come to accept that now,"


  1. I shall help you.

    For watching this will not help expand your mind. No, you can only do that through riddles.

    For how far can a man walk into the woods? Why, only halfway, because then he begins to walk out of it.

    If I created a 6 foot by 6 foot hole in the ground, do you know how much dirt would be in it? None, my friend, for it is a hole.

    I live in the city.
    I live in cyberspace.
    People can see me, but animals can't.
    Animals can hear me, but people don't.
    I fly through the air, and bury myself in the ground.
    Can you answer the riddle?

  2. What the fuck is that video from? I feel I should know it.

    And, Anonymous, you speak of a bug and/or virus, I believe.

  3. anon: is the answer annoying? (cuz it ought to be) is this bryan again? if so, you were funnier when you were pretending to be a little old grandma

    Simon: it's from a mini-series that ran on BBC a few years ago. They only ever made one season which makes me sad inside because this shit is hilarious

  4. Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. Pure genius.

    And it's not a mini-series! Six episodes is a standard series over here! It's quality, not quantity, obviously.

  5. my bad, when I looked it up on wikipedia it called it a mini-series. But I suppose that's wikipedia for you lol


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